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Synonyms for churchgoer

a religious person who goes to church regularly

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He said elderly churchgoers would be offered help with transport.
I would be most grateful if I could use your letters page to say that in response to the needs expressed by churchgoers in the survey, a new website has now been established for their support and help.
SOME time ago many people from your area contributed to the nationwide Church Survey which caused great debate among churchgoers of all denominations.
Churchgoers have been told the minister will resign tomorrow.
s office assigns the people's case to a devout churchgoer, Campbell Scott's Ethan Thomas.
Terry Ratzmann, a churchgoer known for sharing his homegrown vegetables with his neighbours, walked into the room and fired 22 rounds from a 9mm handgun.
Afterwards one churchgoer, who did not want to be named, said: "This really has come as a huge surprise to us all.
A SERIAL pest has been locked up after he targeted a churchgoer at prayer.
Their lack of creature comforts has one churchgoer pretty steamed up.
All the more surprising since Miss Bill-ington is apparently a churchgoer.
The devoted churchgoer - made an MBE for her work for good causes - left pounds 1.
William Hague has acknowledged that he is not a regular Sunday churchgoer but rather worships God in less formal surroundings, and in particular as he walks through the Yorkshire Dales.
A former churchgoer then speculated that one of the church members might -at Edjibia's bidding -try to trigger a nuclear disaster at the plant.
Called a regular churchgoer," he opposes abortion, euthanasia, and homosexual "marriages.
Wells noticed at least one regular churchgoer was mostly absent during the show.
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