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a state ruled by religious authority

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Baines, Americans United's assistant director for religious outreach, Baines said church-state separation is an idea that everyone should be behind, no matter what they think about God.
The authors cite three factors as motivating the study: first, the stark contrast between the importance of religious practice to Muslims in European societies and the greater secularity (and Christianity) of "native" European populations; secondly, the growing anti-Islamic tone of European right-wing political organizations' rhetoric; and finally, the authors' own recognition of the impact of church-state institutions in shaping state accommodation to Muslim religious practices.
Impingements on religious liberty and church-state separation rip into the heart and soul of people worldwide, and Baptists suffer in the process.
She also objected to church-state separation issues, noting that the Bush administration has advocated partnering the California Mission Foundation with the Catholic Church - something she said is sure to raise objections.
In 2000, it found in a Texas case that prayers organized by school officials and recited over loudspeakers before public high school football games violated church-state separation.
This concept of church-state separation was typical of 19th-century Masonic groups who wanted to impede politicians from manifesting their faith.
Edwards was never afraid to take a strong stand for the church-state wall.
And significant church-state issues are now coming to light that need to be addressed.
This is the most important church-state case ever to come before the Supreme Court,'' proclaimed Oliver S.
When Barack Obama took office one year ago, many advocates of church-state separation cheered.
With his characteristic elegance and clarity, Edwin Gaustad has written a readable overview of church-state relations in America from the colonial period to the present.
Santorum has evidently excommunicated Kennedy because the latter was a staunch supporter of church-state separation--a position at odds with that of Santorum and his Opus Dei friends.
The Supreme Court, possibly ready to overturn a key precedent of strict church-state separation, agreed Friday to reconsider its ruling that bars public-school teachers from helping needy children at religious schools.
Rejecting the dogma of the Religious Right, Souter quickly emerged as a champion of church-state separation.