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the tower of a church

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The noises in the streets became less frequent by degrees, until silence was scarcely broken save by the bells in church towers, marking the progress--softer and more stealthy while the city slumbered--of that Great Watcher with the hoary head, who never sleeps or rests.
As he trailed, Bert saw ahead of him one of the most attractive little towns in the world--a cluster of steep gables surmounted by a high church tower and diversified with trees, walled, and with a fine, large gateway opening out upon a tree-lined high road.
Far aslant across the city, over its jumbled roofs, and through the open tracery of its church towers, struck the long bright rays, bars of the prison of this lower world.
The 10 bells were lowered from the church tower during a skilful operation earlier this week and were yesterday loaded onto a lorry.
The heroic bears are due to plummet from the church tower at St Mary's, Chirk, on Saturday, June 20, 12.
CAN you imagine cooking your dinner at the top of a church tower overlooking Cardiff?
When they installed bungee ropes in the church tower the bell ringers hit the roof" - Ken Dodd.
The original church building is to be destroyed with the exception of the church tower and spire that is to be comprised into the new scheme.
The weather was so wild and windy that we fixed a 100ft zip wire from the roof of the church tower down to the church porch," explained Sue Sotheran, church warden at St Mark's Church.
Organisers will also run tours of the Church Tower, offering people a bird's eye view of the village and the chance to see the bells in the ancient church tower.
3 A CHARITY abseil down a church tower in St Ives, Cornwall, was cancelled after gulls attacked the climbers.
Earlier this month Katherine, 32, returned to Neath to hold an intimate concert to raise funds for the St David's Church Tower Appeal.
A CHURCH tower that is over a century old is being demolished because of safety concerns.
ALANDMARK church tower is being demolished because of safety concerns.
The money will fund re-pointing of the church tower and other sections of the remaining elevations.