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A SUNDAY church service in Hillfields will be watched by millions of people next month after a Coventry clergyman was filmed for a world-wide television show.
In the future, The Chapel hopes to bring church service to the prisoners every week via DVD, and then to have the prisoners meet together in small groups to discuss and interact over the message content.
For directions and future church service sites, call (626) 818-4721 or (310) 686-4073 or see www.
The Royal British Legion and Derwentside District Council have made arrangements for a church service to mark the 60th anniversary of D-Day.
The Machine's television division is currently developing Hip Hop Church America, a vibrant and uplifting, one-hour weekly program billed as "not your parent's church service.
Summary: Members of the Royal Family have attended the traditional Christmas Day church service at Sandringham.
Bull riding, calf roping, dances and a cowboy church service are among the events Friday, Saturday and Sunday in a temporary arena set up on a ballfield.
The survey, conducted by Voices of Joy this month, revealed that 68 percent of fervent church goers (those who attend church at least once a week) find music to be the most enjoyable aspect of the church service.
Summary: City officials in the US say a doctor who provided controversial "late term" abortions has been shot dead as he attended a church service.
Years ago, while I was going through a very difficult period, I attended an Anglican church service every Sunday morning for two years.
Paul as a Jewish attorney in a courtroom drama that is meant to be performed during a church service.
3 -- color) Guadalupe Mendoza Limon, center, prays during a crowded church service at Guardian Angel Catholic Church in Pacoima - whose 250 seats cannot accommodate the nearly 3,000 worshippers attending Mass each Sunday.
In the apology at a special church service, Zamzam Kasujja, deputy director for legal affairs of government, said, "The murder of Archbishop Luwum by the Amin government not only robbed the church of a courageous and committed leader but also plunged our country into economic, political and religious lows never seen before.
I'm still a priest," Canon Perry-Gore said in an interview, adding that in spite of the ruling, he would still preside over a church service "if someone asks me.
VALENCIA - Sweetened with incense and soft hymns, a drab hall at Valencia High School was transformed into a house of God Sunday for dozens of parishioners seeking solace at the only Armenian church service in Santa Clarita.