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a private religious school run by a church or parish

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St Peter's Church of England primary school, in Brotton, retained an outstanding rating during their Church School Inspection, carried out by the York diocese.
Professionals in religious education have assembled a guide to be used in the professional development of Anglican church school headteachers and other church school leaders, as well as in the ongoing education of clergy, governors, or school researchers.
From left, Sandra Furno, Mark <BWalton, David Ager, and Helen Cadzow with two Christ Church School pupils holding the cheque
Mr Counsell said: "I'm deeply concerned this short-sighted attempt to save money will have a huge impact on the ability of parents to make an informed choice to send their children to a Church school.
We are unique in Wales, as we are a church school where the majority of pupils are Muslim.
What a delight: Cleone Foods MD Wade Lyn with Year three entrepreneurs from Quinton Church School.
A former school governor in Bradford has warned that some Christians in her city have chosen to send their children to secular schools, fearing they would be isolated at their local, Muslim-dominated church school.
Jillian helped to build a concrete block house, helped run a vacation church school for children, and worked in a free dental clinic in Reynosa, Mexico.
Teachers, scout leaders, church school teachers, librarians, and home schoolers will find a number of discussion topics and 19 hands-on projects as well as books and websites to extend lessons and develop individual interests.
VENTURA -- A former Thousand Oaks pastor has pleaded guilty to molesting a student at Thousand Oaks Baptist Church School over a seven-year period in the 1980s.
Members of the church school dug into the dirt early on, planting their very own radishes.
Where Jesus Walked: Experience The Presence Of God, with photography by Ken Duncan, and excerpts from the Holy Scriptures, the disciples, and many other known and important writers, is ideal as a coffee table book for Christian households and church school libraries.
We have some evidence to show that pupils in more isolated church schools perform less well than those in competitive church school "markets"; (4) The benefits of competition seem strongest amongst pupils in church schools with the highest concentrations of low-income children; and (5) On balance, choice and competition does not seem to be generally effective in raising standards in the school context.
In early June, Perry, surrounded by some of the same Religious Right behemoths, signed two state bills in the gymnasium of a Pentecostal church school.