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a list of the members of church

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McKerracher, church rolls show a population of about 640,000.
At which, Church rolls her eyes and retorts, 'No, I support Cardiff, muppet.'
It is not merely unethical to use church rolls for political purposes, it is unethical to sell the names to Wal-Mart or Bible vendors or even another church.
Indeed, women have outnumbered men on Protestant church rolls by at least a two- or three-to-one margin as long as records have been kept.
As the clergy sexual-abuse crisis roiling the Catholic Church rolls into year two, these folks gather to learn why and how they should be involved with VOTF's mission to reform the church.
In a written statement, Latimer said tie thought it "best not to proceed at this time," and said Murphy has the right to ask that his name be removed from church rolls. Murphy said he hadn't made that request--and won't.
Indeed, Baptist congregations took so seriously the charge of discipline that they generally refused to allow church members to be voluntarily "erased" from church rolls when they desired to change denominations, insisting that they be expelled as a sign of the purity and authority of the body.
The angels roll back the door of the tomb, and the church rolls the door right back into place.
At a rite called the enrollment, the bishop asked who among the catechumens would give their names to be baptized this year--and with his own hand wrote their names on the church rolls (literally en-rolled them).