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a religious person who goes to church regularly

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Police said they were still trying to find and detain more church members for allegedly aiding Yoo.
For the carefully crafted props are just a few among hundreds to feature in performances put on by the town's Parish Pantomime Group over the years - alongside scores of townspeople and church members keen to try treading the boards too.
Some church members take a number of the bags and stash them in the back seat of their cars, Bays said.
A church member who arrived moments after the shooting said the gunmen opened fire as the congregation watched a youth performance.
It had barely begun when there was an incredibly loud bang," church member Mark Harmon said.
After noticing that fewer congregants in his 1,100-member church brought cash on Sunday, Baker teamed up with a church member who is a computer programmer to develop his "giving kiosk," an ATM-like machine that allows worshipers to donate electronically.
Berte, along with Price and longtime church member Carolyn McKinstry, set in motion a plan to raise money, apply for historic landmark status, and seek a grant from the America's Treasures Foundation.
Marguerita Deeks was also a long term church member, and a former missionary to Uganda.
In 2005, Orville Harold, a church member and president of the Providence and Worcester Railroad, passed away, and a year later, his estate provided the local church with about $65,000.
Church member Clark McFarlane said: "With all the activities of my family, I rarely make a Sunday evening service and miss the occasional Sunday morning sermon.
A strong sense of family and community are among the hallmarks of the Orthodox church, said church member Pete Drakatos.
The first time we walked into this church, they hugged the fire out of us," says church member and rodeo organizer Marc Hopkins.
The average gift from a church member is from $25 to $100, though some have given as much as $1,000.
Arnold Bolton, a church member, said: "I was staggered by how much money was donated on Saturday.
Only about 26 people now belong to the church, said church member Linda Bradley.