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By putting the mandate and the final report side by side, it seems that the congregation achieved its purpose of bringing LCWR in line with traditional church doctrine.
The nominators within East Toronto felt Church Doctrine needed some more members favourable to a liberal argument.
The teacher then violated church doctrine by suing the church to demand that she be restored to her teaching position immediately after the school had filled her position, instead of waiting until the following school year.
He unveiled a new church doctrine for Africa, contained in an 87-page document, which encompasses the principles of penance and forgiveness to be used to help people stop the cycle of retribution.
As reported by The Tablet, a Catholic magazine in the UK, the manifesto from the Austrian Priests' Initiative for church reform signified a break with church doctrine on issues such as the ordination of women and married men.
Tach Court recognized that decisions in the Canadian Church have been reached in accordance with our own procedures and customs, and that the civil courts should not be used to determine church doctrine.
National Public Radio reported that lobbyists for the Catholic bishops aggressively worked both sides of the political aisle in a bid to bring the bill into conformity with church doctrine.
Critics who said Mr Obama's support for abortion rights violated Catholic Church doctrine had sought to have the invitation withdrawn but the university refused.
The purpose of church doctrine is to help us understand and live more deeply our faith in the risen Christ.
Queen of Angels is among dozens of traditionalist Catholic parishes nationwide that operate independently of the Vatican, adhering to what they consider bedrock church doctrine.
She writes as a somewhat orthodox Christian theologian, she says, but argues from her faith rather than from the authority of scripture or any church doctrine.
But Romney has never publicly indicated any distance from church doctrine.
Immersed in questions of church doctrine, his hero, Father Deitrich lives in this small village as he is escaping the possible punishment for supporting earlier peasant rebellions in the face of church sanctions.
Heretic: Confessions Of An Ex-Catholic Rebel" is a deftly written autobiography of Jerome Tuccile that addresses core spiritual questions by a man whose inquiries (including an essay on the Virgin Birth that asserted the Catholic Church doctrine and dogma led to the dehumanization of women) led him to be denounced as a heretic by the dean of a Catholic college.
Now Gramely and others are accusing the school of rejecting church doctrine, which describes homosexual acts as "intrinsically disordered.