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a calendar of the Christian year indicating the dates of fasts and festivals

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The selections assigned to these tables were chosen to suit observances of the church calendar, to correspond with the readings with which they are collected, or to follow a biblical text in semi-continuous order.
1 March was included in the church calendar as St David's Day, after he was canonized in 1120.
Next event in the church calendar is Huddersfield man, Paul Clarkson, giving an evening on Germany tomorrow, (Feb 12) in Kirkheaton Parish Church, 7.
The Church calendar has a different climate and rhythm and one that is altogether more significant and meaningful.
There are sonnets written in response to the seven Great O Antiphons, sonnets concerned with Christmastide, Epiphany, Holy Week, the Stations of the Cross, and other significant events on the church calendar.
In the church calendar Whit Sunday was (and presumably still is) the seventh Sunday after Easter, in commemoration of the descent of the Holy Spirit on the apostles.
Yesterday was Advent Sunday, which marks the start of the preparation for Christmas in the church calendar.
According to the church calendar, Christmas is celebrated for three days.
This is undoubtedly due to the demand (largely in the church population) for works that feature additional players to commemorate the major events of the church calendar.
Though not officially canonized, she has been revered as a saint for centuries and has a feast day on the church calendar.
Thus, the New Calendar fixed the difference of the number of days between the church calendar and the astronomic year, which appeared as a consequence of the Old Julian Calendar Sosigene established by the order of Julius Caesar.
A potluck lunch on the last day of the church calendar year is one option.
The church calendar runs late into spring this year, encroaching on precious discing and planting time.
Probably written toward the end of the 1380s, John Mirk's Festial was conceived as a resource for the humble English homilist, providing him with sixty-four "off-the-shelf" vernacular sermons for the major feasts of the Church calendar.
The cross, now restored to use in the former cemetery chapel in Wallasey, was blessed on the Feast of St Nicholas, in the Russian orthodox church calendar
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