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the railroad tunnel between France and England under the English Channel

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It is time now to take the train back to Brussels and board the Eurostar for the two hour and forty minute return ride through the Chunnel to London, a short interlude of solitude and introspection, a reaffirmation of faith, solace, and spiritual growth before returning to the busy world again.
For plane-phobes like me, Eurostar is the obvious answer, only it might break down in the Chunnel and I'd be smashing my way out of the carriage and haring off on foot to France or England, whichever was nearer.
The French now look across the Channel - or gaze through the Chunnel - and worry that they're not working as hard as Brits who drink their coffee on the move.
Paul Screeton retells the story of how the famous airline "mile high" club now has an imitator - the "mile low" club where amorous couples enjoy a journey some 380 feet below the sea bed through the Chunnel of Love on the Eurostar.
July 28 /PRNewswire/ -- New, dramatically lower prices for travel on the Eurostar train between London and Paris/Brussels were announced today by Rail Europe, official North American distributor of the high-speed Chunnel train.
In spite of all our breast-beating, it is to our much maligned England that the 'asylum seekers' continue to travel by sea, by air, and by the Chunnel almost without let or hindrance.
The Chunnel is bad news for the whole of the UK economy.
In effect, Palestine would gain sovereignty over an above-surface tunnel somewhat like the below-surface Chunnel that connects England to the continent.
Countless billions have been spent on the Chunnel, HS1, St Pancras and now HS2, our main elements of the Euro high speed train project.
They're losing money on the chunnel due to overestimating the amount of passengers, I think this will be the same.
CHUNNEL firm Eurostar carried 250,000 fewer passengers in the last three months.
I am just about to hop on the Chunnel to Calais where DIY stores M Bricolage, Bricoman and Leroy Martin offer savings of up to 70% on items identical to ones found in the UK.
When Chunnel talks started again in 1974, the Ministry of Defence was worried about the possibility of a Soviet invasion.
NMargaret Thatcher and Francois Mitterand agreed to start preparations for the Chunnel.
The cost of building the Chunnel was enormous and only the SE seems to benefit.