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the railroad tunnel between France and England under the English Channel

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Projects like the Chunnel, the Great Belt link between eastern Denmark and continental Europe, and the Oresund link between Sweden and Denmark support the desire to create a "zero-friction" economy--one in which people, goods, and ideas move freely, regardless of geography, the authors note.
It is time now to take the train back to Brussels and board the Eurostar for the two hour and forty minute return ride through the Chunnel to London, a short interlude of solitude and introspection, a reaffirmation of faith, solace, and spiritual growth before returning to the busy world again.
The men completed the 31-mile walk in 12 hours and were arrested in Folkestone after they emerged from the Chunnel, as it is popularly known.
We have completed the M20, also the components of HS1 (the Chunnel, the electrified track, St Pancreas with rolling stock from France), so HS1 must have cost over PS70bn, yet Eurostar is supposed to be viable.
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Amanda Richards On the HS2 rail scheme They're losing money on the Chunnel due to overestimating the amount passengers, I think this will be the same.
But there is finally some light at the end of the Chunnel in the form of The Bewitched Hands On The Top Of Our Heads, a six-piece band from Reims.
Europe minister Chris Bryant hit out at the Chunnel rail service on Twitter after two days of talks in Paris.
TORTUOUS JOURNEY: Graham Brown and Maureen Clark, of Holmfirth, made their way back from Skiathos after being stranded by XL; OPEN AGAIN: Chunnel services from St Pancras, London, have started again after last week's fire
The Chunnel complex, opened by the Queen in 1994, is made up of a north and south tunnel, with a third service tunnel used for the emergency evacuation.
For plane-phobes like me, Eurostar is the obvious answer, only it might break down in the Chunnel and I'd be smashing my way out of the carriage and haring off on foot to France or England, whichever was nearer.
The French now look across the Channel - or gaze through the Chunnel - and worry that they're not working as hard as Brits who drink their coffee on the move.
Paul Screeton retells the story of how the famous airline "mile high" club now has an imitator - the "mile low" club where amorous couples enjoy a journey some 380 feet below the sea bed through the Chunnel of Love on the Eurostar.
In spite of all our breast-beating, it is to our much maligned England that the 'asylum seekers' continue to travel by sea, by air, and by the Chunnel almost without let or hindrance.