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Synonyms for chunk

Synonyms for chunk

an irregularly shaped mass of indefinite size

Synonyms for chunk

a substantial amount

put together indiscriminately

group or chunk together in a certain order or place side by side

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Images from the Spitzer Space Telescope show lots of tiny specks of dust between the comet chunks.
Automobile Shredder--A hammermilt-style shredder large enough to shred whole cars into fist-sized chunks in less than a minute.
As is natural for the fourth quarter, big chunks of space are gaining more attention in midtown from large space users, the denizens of corporate America who often make their move just before the year runs out.
When I explained that suet was the white chunks of fat collecting in his garbage bin, and that I had a use for them, he seemed unmoved.
the Cookies with real Chocolate Chunks TO THE CUSTOMER: This voucher entitles you to a FREE packet of McVitie's Choc Chip n' Chunk Cookies or Hazelnut Choc Chip n' Chunk Cookies to the value of 65p, only in participating SPAR outlets in Scotland.
These algorithms work by assigning a value--or a hash--to unique data chunks, and keeping track of a database (or index) of hash-to-chunk assignments.
Now the Missouri-based company BioSpan Technologies has developed a solvent that dissolves the wet, dirty chunks at a ratio of more than 3 cubic yards of foam per gallon of solvent.
Even smaller chunks can make the roadwheel unserviceable if they cover more than 20 percent of the tread surface.
To prove this, enumerate all possible cases: calculate the chunks following each of the terms (1,13) (2,13) (3,13) .
4 medium parsnips, peeled and quartered lengthways 1 butternut squash (about 650gm) peeled, seeded and cut into chunks 2 red onions, each cut into 8 wedges 1 tbsp olive oil grated zest of one lemon 2 tbsp of dried mixed herbs 500gms of pork tenderloin 1 Bramley apple 400ml of chicken stockRoll the pork in the lemon juice and the mixed herbs and place in a roasting tray with the vegetable pieces.
based Sargento Foods, always on the cutting edge, has introduced Sargento Premium Cheese Chunks, 10-oz.
Quaoar belongs to the Kuiper (KYE-per) Belt, a band of thousands of relatively small chunks of rock and ice that orbit the solar system beyond Neptune.
Add delicious depth of flavor and save time chopping by using these chunks of Scharffen Berger's bittersweet chocolate in all chocolate recipes or simply enjoy by eating them right out of the tin.
Therefore, the word "chunking" as used in the study refers to the grouping of Latin vocabulary words into chunks or groups of seven.
It's seen in the frequent use of subheads within articles to break up large amounts of text into short, bite-sized chunks.