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(psychology) the configuration of smaller units of information into large coordinated units

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Chunking is that the rending the info into minor streams.
The Content Defined Chunking (CDC) formula is a vital module in knowledge de-duplication that splits the inward knowledge stream into chunks once the content window before the breakpoint gratifies a planned scenario.
Otherwise, practice can become busywork that doesn't contribute to chunking.
One short list can thus induce five different perceptions because of diverse chunkings.
Without it, tuna chunking becomes much, much harder.
After trolling through some groups of birds and schools of what seemed like smaller skipjack tunas, we weren't having much luck, so we turned to chunking.
Content chunking is an exercise that enables instructional designers (IDs) to split information into small pieces or chunks.
Again, the depth of the chunking doesn't matter and a collection of smaller chunks that cover more than 20 percent of the tread surface make the support roller unserviceable.
The purpose of this study was to investigate chunking and imagery, two information-processing techniques, on students' Latin vocabulary acquisition and memory retention.
Both fixed-size and variable-size chunking schemes have been proposed.
Since a bird does not need language to engage in memory chunking, Terrace says it "is a more primitive and biologically pervasive cognitive process than has been recognized previously.
On hard-pressured waters, where fish have seen all the latest and greatest lures, at times there's nothing as effective as chumming and chunking baits in a hole with shady mangroves overhead, during an incoming tide.