chump change

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a trifling sum of money

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That's hardly chump change, but consider that the league has nearly $10 billion in annual revenue.
com -- is chump change compared to the prices consumers in other countries pay.
While a $10 million check to sell a slight variation on a product you were developing anyway seems like a pretty sweet deal, it's actually chump change compared to the real prize: preferential treatment by federal buyers and other major players who are beholden to the reds, including the many utility companies offering subsidies to customers who purchase the bulbs.
If Greece defaults it will make the Lehman Brothers fiasco seem like chump change, but then it was the greedy bankers who lent the Greeks money blindly and without collateral.
It's not chump change, but one political science expert argues the relatively low pay for lawmakers keeps many Texans from being able to run for higher office.
Did someone say heavy chump change and unnecessary downtime?
In the $300,000 example above, that's a standard admission ticket of $750 -- not what you'd consider chump change.
The $1 million extra for four players looks like chump change compared to what owners will have to pay if players have to stick around for less time to become vested.
Assuming they're all in equally, $4 million is really just chump change, but when was the last time a newspaper company made an investment in a Silicon Valley business?
That's chump change compared to what the industry spends on lobbying: $154 million in 2009 alone, just a tad more than the electric utilities, which dropped $134 million on influence peddlers last year.
Plus, spending $15 million on 100 lobbyists is chump change when you consider what Comcast pays its top brass.
5 billion is not chump change," the US ambassador said at a dinner in Cambridge, England, which was attended by about 70 people last week.
Still, $20 billion is not chump change and, as the governor warned, more painful cuts are ahead.
Buffett won both and the IRS coughed up $23 million, hardly chump change.
The President's fuel economy goal is not chump change by any stretch, but .