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He narrated that he talked to Chump on the phone on Jan.
When I asked Pc Chump for his name - and I still find this hard to believe - he stepped in front of my car, presumably to prevent me driving off, and carried out a vehicle registration check.
Does she then become Viscount Chump instead of her younger brother, who, up till now, was Viscount Chump?
Chump is like the rump steak of the lamb kingdom and is TURN TO PAGE 44
Selina, 55, said: "It would be great if Chump and I could go all the way.
City won the title last season despite their star striker and this unseemly clash could possibly herald the end for one of these CHUMP HE two Italians.
AD Sportwereld wrote: "The Dutch national team perished in the World Cup Final - thanks largely to a chump of a referee.
What price do CHUMP you think Rafa Benitez's men are to qualify for the semi-final after the 3-1 firstleg defeat?
LUCAS NEILL: Yeah, we know he was chump last week, but it's my column.
That may seem like a lot of money to us regular folk, but it's chump change compared with what the school board will spend on its legal challenge to the recently passed school-reform legislation.
Chump Change is utterly compelling, the tale of Fante's anti-hero/alter-ego Bruno Dante is a sobering one for anyone who has blurred the distinction between being a professional and a romantic, a writer who drinks and a lush who can't even be bothered to fool himself.
Curry's lawyer, Benedict Morelli, told the New York Post that "if you sued a company like that for less, it would be chump change.
Connect System comprises Connect Server, which costs $7,500, and Edge Controller, which starts at $1,800--certainly not chump change, but the peace of mind the system affords is worth it.
CHAMPOF THE CHUMP JAVIER HERNANDEZ (MAN UNITED) The little Mexican peashooter came up trumps on Tuesday night to inspire another United comeback.