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Synonyms for chum

Synonyms for chum

a person whom one knows well, likes, and trusts

one who shares interests or activities with another

Synonyms for chum

a close friend who accompanies his buddies in their activities

bait consisting of chopped fish and fish oils that are dumped overboard to attract fish

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a large Pacific salmon with small spots on its back

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A comparatively subdued evocation of theoretical-historical bugbears, this show argues for a chummier relationship between style and content.
Leslie Townes Hope - who changed his name to Bob because it sounded a little chummier - had the magical power to transport lonely people home.
A fter all the slanging matches, bitchy comments, looks that maimed if not killed and general feeling of watching a gladiatorial showdown during last year's Big Brother, this year's house-full of 'mates' looks set to be much chummier, writes Wil Marlow.
AFTER all the slanging matches,bitchy comments and looks that maimed if not killed, this year's house full of `mates'looks set to be much chummier.
In the event of a crisis, however, it's a good idea to be a lot chummier.