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(polo) one of six divisions into which a polo match is divided

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Army led in the first two chukkers by a minor margin of 4-3.
Army started the first chukker well by scoring a brace while Master Paints Black hit back with one to make it 2-1.
the close of the first chukker, the winning side converted one more to take 2-1 lead.
The fourth chukker was fully dominated by Barry's as they hammered a hat-trick to take 8-6 lead and they were looking for more goals to register victory but Master Paints/Rizvi's made a strong comeback in the fifth and last chukker by hammering an impressive hat-trick to take 9-8 lead, which remained intact till the final whistle and Master Paints/Rizvi's emerged as winners.
Al Marri, who had earlier scored in the opening and second chukkers of a low-scoring but competitive match, did the honours once again with his match-winning shot.
Mr Wigwe explained: Our support for the Fifth Chukker UNICEF initiative comes from the fact that we are conscious of our role as a change agent in Nigeria that can help institute socio- economic development through responsible business practice and environmental considerations.
Exhibiting their best game in the fourth chukker, the winners consolidated the lead 8-6 pumping in three goals at the trot.
Diamond Paints/Guard Rice bounced back in the third chukker as they scored two back-to-back goals through Deigo to reduce the margin to 5-3.
Both the teams kept on struggling to score a goal in the first chukker but their efforts couldn't bear fruit and the first chukker remained goalless.
It appeared to be anybody's game at the end of the fourth chukker with Abu Dhabi leading by 7 goals to 6, but the match took on a different complexion in the final seven mintues.
Manuel Llorente opened the account for Garcha Hotels while Naveen Jindal equalized for Jindal Panthers in the first chukker.
Charlton fired two goals in the fourth and final chukker, including the match-clinching penalty shot from 40 yards with just 20 seconds left.
In the first chukker of the final Raja Temur Nadeem opened the scoring for Diamond Paints by scoring a field goal by his solo effort.
First chukker one goal struck by Manual Crespo and second by Ahmed Zubair, Warid Polo Team lead and the score remained 4.
Hamza had scored twice earlier and after a double from Saqib Khan Khakwani and a goal from Juan Croz Losada, Master Paints/Rizvi's and Master Paints Black went level at 5-5 into the final chukker with Gerardo Mazzini's scoring thrice and Hissam Ali Hyder and Raja Mikael scoring a goal apiece for the losers.