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the dull explosive noise made by an engine

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make a dull, explosive sound

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Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother sparked international debate over Chugs "politically incorrect" parenting style, with most readers expressing shock and horror over the methods she used, as well as concern over a perceived lack of love and acceptance.
Mayfield Vanilla Lowfat Milk Chugs will be available in grocery and convenience stores where Mayfield Milk is sold.
The new milk chugs, in easy-to-drink, 8-ounce plastic jugs, come in reduced-fat regular or low-fat chocolate.
As it chugs closer to Christmas, it's going to pick up more business or at least maintain business.
Through fun, interactive activities we deliver a message about health and fun -- which is truly what Milk Chugs is all about.
Onward it chugs, climbing up from the floor of the scenic Sacred Valley of the Incas to the peaks of the rugged Peruvian mountains more than 13,000 feet above sea level.
limits itself to a brief introduction on how to read tap notation and then launches into a dictionary description of tap from chugs, flaps, and the shim-sham to the zank and zink.
Year in and year out, Indiana chugs along generating significant capital and maintenance spending numbers, neither the highest nor the lowest in the region.
A Disneyland- type train chugs slowly around the Ramada Express.
The Sniper(TM) Boomslang(TM) 2100 operates at a blazing 6 mips (millions of instructions per second) while the traditional mouse chugs along at about 1.
Nowhere are Jackson's strengths better illustrated than on ``Drive,'' his deservedly chart-topping 11th Arista album, which chugs along to the rootsy, satisfying strains of mandolin, harmonica and shimmering guitar.
13 /PRNewswire/ -- Milk Chugs today announced that as part of its recently commenced US Youth Soccer sponsorship, it will launch a year-long local event series in conjunction with 1999 U.
Gullane Entertainment and Nelvana, has challenged Intervisual, the acknowledged leading producer of interactive dimensional books and playsets, to create a product featuring a wind-up train ("Thomas") which chugs, whistles and rambles through a pop-up village, making real train sounds.
According to a store employee, a delivery of Milk Chugs was due later this week.
Dean Foods Company's Milk Chugs will announce its two-year sponsorship of US Youth Soccer (USYS), whose national "Soccer Start" program, an outreach effort to develop soccer programs among at-risk, urban youths, initiated the Chicago Housing Authority's soccer league through its local arm, the Illinois Youth Soccer Association, in 1994.