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the dull explosive noise made by an engine

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make a dull, explosive sound

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New Delhi [India], August 31 ( ANI ): Whether you were the Beer Chug Champ during college days or simply a beer worshipper, the India's Biggest Corporate Beer chugging battle is now out in Northern Capital Region (NCR).
Council leader Nick Forbes said that the council could no longer "turn a blind eye" to begging and chugging.
As news of Hibbert's chugging skills spread throughout the Internet, USA Today's (http://ftw.
Theoretically, even the blocks and heads could be machined on the same equipment, though the thought of adding this complexity might keep your manufacturing people up all night chugging Pepto Bismol.
Members of Blondie, Devo, and the Go-Go's numbered among their fans, yet during their original mid '70s run Mumps cut only two independent singles, including the chugging classic "Crocodile Tears.
Composer/violinist Daniel Bernard Roumain accompanied recorded tracks of himself in music that moved through repeated, modulated phrases, doleful sonorities, and chugging funk, setting the tempo and mood.
will no longer remain a train chugging down a fixed rail along a single path, but choose to be a car speeding along a highway leading, or even a jet aircraft free to fly anywhere imagination takes us," CEO Lee said recently.
That means chugging is now a multi- million pound industry and those who run it can become very rich indeed.
Chugging up the mountainside Along the woodland trails The little train just trundles on On smooth and shiny rails.
When Norman saw a mimic octopus chugging along well above the seafloor, extended arms colored in stripes, he thought of the sunburst of striped, poisonous spines that lionfish flare.
It's no wonder he's so beside himself - he can normally be found chugging to work in a clapped-out Fiat Panda.
The train is seen approaching slowly in the distance, chugging and puffing and making a lot of noise.
We were chugging along a picturesque stretch of the Tring Summit when Esme, nine, spotted a pair perched on a twig.
Pfizer (NYSE:PFE) is chugging higher today after reaffirming 2005 earnings targets and stating it is on schedule to submit 20 new drug applications by the completion of a five-year period ending in 2006.
BEGGING, chugging and legal highs could soon become a thing of the past in a North East city.