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the dull explosive noise made by an engine

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make a dull, explosive sound

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In the first year of market testing, Milk Chugs were responsible for sales increases of 96 percent in chocolate pints and 77 percent in overall pints.
Just following the premiere of the special, additional high-speed episodes will roll out through the fall and into spring 2014 with new characters, Hanzo and Zack, along with Jackman, and new locations for viewers to explore, including the Drop and Load Yard, the Working Wheels Service Yard and the Chug Patrol Headquarters.
The new milk chugs, in easy-to-drink, 8-ounce plastic jugs, come in reduced-fat regular or low-fat chocolate.
A Plug, A Chug, And A Review(Tuesdays): Gives celebrities and personalities the chance to plug whatever project they want and offer a review on a film, show, book of their choosing while chugging a roll-of-the-dice concoction that could contain anything.
Chug tracks inventory on 41,154 dealer lots, reporting over 4 million searchable units.
Future Chug e-MarketView Reports will provide vehicle price trends based on what vehicles actually are selling for, as well as brand and attribute trending of the most popular - and unpopular - listed vehicles.
If you are currently in the market for a new vehicle, there is no better time to buy than this Labor Day weekend," said Chug CEO Len Short.
For instance, Think Tank, 1993, is half Cat in the Hat, half a passionately staged Gomez Addams toy-train wreck: two choo-choos circumnavigate the brims of giant (nearly six-foot-tall), brightorange top hats that rest on the floor at slight angles so that the trains chug away on the inclines but plummet perilously on the slopes.
Capitol, at a very reasonable price, directly from their elected members of Congress," says Chug Roberts, Publisher of TheCapitol.
If you are in the market for a new vehicle in San Francisco, there is no better time to buy than this Labor Day weekend," said Chug CEO Len Short.
Danone advertisements feature athletic types running through forests, then pausing to chug its Bonafont or Evian brands.
Automotive, technology and retail sales executive joins Chug on a mission to improve the search experience for online car shoppers
The CHUG Achievements and Innovations Award in the Category of Best Vendor Innovations, given annually by Centricity users, recognizes technology innovations that enhance Centricity Physician Office EMR and positively impact patient care quality, safety, efficiency, practice performance, and usefulness.
Contestants don fangs, in homage to Don, the show's resident vampire, and chug their hearts out in hopes of winning $5,000.
Milk Chug, the wildly popular, portable, resealable bottle of milk and proud sponsor of United States Youth Soccer, will be hosting a series of on-line chat sessions with Women's World Cup Champion, Shannon MacMillan kicking off on Tuesday, November 21 from 7:30-8:30 p.