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I know I'll be just as chuffed to keep my place against Salford, because I know the longer the run I have in Super League, the more my game will improve, but if Robbo proves his fitness next week, then I'm aware there are no guarantees.
Matt's also dead chuffed because one of his childhood heroes, Steve Harper, will be there to actually pull the big red lever.
Except for his best buddy Tam, of course John should be fair chuffed as well.
I think the police officers were shocked too and they were also chuffed at the same time.
My mum and dad would have found it very hard to believe that the house is now a National Trust property, but they would be chuffed (pleased) about it and so am I.
If he was alive, I'd be chuffed to let him know that his album has gone to number one in 28 countries; I know he'd be tickled by that.
I'm really chuffed with the result and we just have some things to work on ahead of Assen next weekend.
I'm astonished at how many people have voted for us but I'm really chuffed as it's an award we've been given by the customers and I'd just like to thank them all.
I'm sure we're all totally chuff, chuff, chuffed at making it easier for a London banker to take an away day to Yorkshire.
Neil Burke of the Regional Youth Work Unit North East, the North East regional coordinator for somewhereto_ said: "We're really chuffed to be able to provide the space for the festival to kick off in Newcastle and even more excited to be announcing our somewhereto_ showcase slot.
He was chuffed about it - and even more chuffed when they went into a few dark mazes.
Manager MikeWadden said he was chuffed with hisMacWhirter Welsh League Division Three team.
We were chuffed though, it was a really great effort and a nice piece of training from Paul Nicholls.
The 63-year-old wildlife and animal expert, who also starred in children's programme Animal Magic, looked chuffed with himself for bagging a painting at a bargain price and was showing it off to his female companion.
Mann said yesterday: "I was chuffed to bits with Air Force One and I was even more chuffed when I found out the handicapper has only put him up 3lb for his Ascot run.