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Synonyms for chuck-will's-widow

large whippoorwill-like bird of the southern United States

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Nighthawks also lack the bristles--specialized feathers that surround the mouth, reminiscent of cat whiskers--possessed by whip-poor-wills and chuck-will's-widows.
While whip-poor-wills and common nighthawks have widespread breeding distributions throughout New York, chuck-will's-widows just make it into the southern portion of the state, and are a relatively new addition to the state's avifauna.
The slightly larger chuck-will's-widow has a different, less insistent call and spends its springs and summers in the southeastern U.
As Brigham has found, nighthawks and their three wide-ranging North American relatives--the whip-poor-will, chuck-will's-widow and common poorwill--definitely are not hot research subjects.
Indeed, the whip-poor-will, chuck-will's-widow and poorwill are named for their strident territorial calls.