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the property of having a plump and round body

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And if it's just men onstage, as in Cascade, one of this season's program openers, the thrill doubles, because Taylor men, even those who ride a fine line of chubbiness, are magnificent--the NFL and Michelangelo's David, Man o' War and Mister Ed, all rolled up in one.
His vividly hued elliptical and circular shapes hover and buzz in shimmering mists; their manner, while less regimented, recalls the multiples of Buddha's beatific chubbiness that float so frontally on the flat and floreate ground of many Tibetan tanka paintings.
Aside from the esthetic drawbacks, chubbiness has been associated with serious medical problems, including diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular ills, and many others.
th anI he hu ha I've tried to give her healthy food but my husband and in-laws are always giving her treats and saying chubbiness is "just the way she's built".
Additional layers of chubbiness don't show when you wear big floppy jumpers.
But chubbiness that gets more pronounced probably indicates a weight problem.
But it's her chubbiness, her fat little thighs, her bulging breasts, her trotter-like feet that makes her so perfect as Cilla Battersby-Brown in Coronation Street.
Jeff's book is subtitled Real Ale in a Bottle, which means there are no mass-produced international lagers lurking in its 256 pages and no "smooth" bitters staining its pocket-sized chubbiness.
Nikita's eyebrows lifted in amazed amusement as Nixon's digit sunk to the first knuckle in his peasant chubbiness.
Remember the nude photos of Miss America Vanessa Williams and the chubbiness of Miss Universe Alicia Machado?
Due out on October 1, the title is, in part, a reference to his battle against childhood obesity, when he was bullied on a tough, Leicester housing estate because of his chubbiness, his campness and his half-Chinese background.
Not because the girls have not one ounce of surplus chubbiness anywhere on their lithe and lovely bodies, or because they're wearing fabulous frocks and are in the arms of suave young blokes, but simply because they can dance.
I've lost a bit of weight and my built-in duvet of chubbiness has deflated - so for the first winter in living memory I've felt chilly and have to wear an extra layer.