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the property of having a plump and round body

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Christine Bezley grew up in a German household, where gravy-topped meat and potatoes and rich desserts were staples at the dinner table, and where a little chubbiness was equated with healthiness.
And Posh tells how the chubbiness and spots of her teens were caused by a medical condition and admits she suffered badly from an eating disorder.
And if it's just men onstage, as in Cascade, one of this season's program openers, the thrill doubles, because Taylor men, even those who ride a fine line of chubbiness, are magnificent--the NFL and Michelangelo's David, Man o' War and Mister Ed, all rolled up in one.
aircraft aldehyde Anglo-Saxondom Armagnac a-snort backwardation beaverish beaverism bed-rock buddy Bund cant-dog chaparral chronique scandaleuse chubbiness courtwards dandydom derail derailment dhyana diamagnetism doc Dopper embarcadero employee Eng.
With gleeful shame, he reveals how, in the pecking order of his family, he passes along the sadism his father inflicts on him to his little brother, harping on Poochie's chubbiness and sacrificing him to Fausto's strap.
And while her chubbiness didn't significantly diminish her self-confidence, she says, she didn't like being a heavy teenager.
The children had a pale, pasty look to their chubbiness.
His vividly hued elliptical and circular shapes hover and buzz in shimmering mists; their manner, while less regimented, recalls the multiples of Buddha's beatific chubbiness that float so frontally on the flat and floreate ground of many Tibetan tanka paintings.
The reward of the blessed will be to escape in the afterlife the burden of their adult bodies, and to reassume the idyllic chubbiness of infancy.
The sunshine that we love bronzes them early; brown babies whose chubbiness soon gives place to the lean hardness of the later years.
Aside from the esthetic drawbacks, chubbiness has been associated with serious medical problems, including diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular ills, and many others.
The cheery chubbiness of Tweedledum and Tweedledee, the outsized head of the Duchess, the calf's head and feet of the Mock Turtle, and the Hatter's hat with its price tag, "In this style 10/6, " are all the products of the illustrator's fancy.
Mice on the "western" diet got fatter, and the scientists were actually able to transfer chubbiness by transplanting the gut microbes of the fat mice into other mice.
She added: "I am on the limit of chubbiness because I love my food and my wine.