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dwelling beneath the surface of the earth

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This sense of language as a chthonic element also plays out across
Her suffering is ameliorated only by chthonic deities, who, recognizing the king's dereliction of duty, come to her aid.
Gods of obstacles, embryological gods, chthonic gods, gods of the center, gods relating to animals, hybrid gods, and many more are all woven together here--their connections unearthed largely for the first time in English.
While the world street images the quarreling yet eventually compatible Olympian gods in its agreement in principle to the progressive doctrines of democratic governance and universal rights, if always within a controlling framework of global capitalism, the via fera images the chthonic forces of the ancient world, the irrational impulses, irredeemable contrarianism, and perverse embrace of chaos ultimately uncontainable within domesticated underground representations such as 'Indian City' or the 'Old London Street.
Even before she experiences the gods directly, Psyche intuits that neither the priest's chthonic religion nor the Fox's Stoic rationalism can quite explain the nature of the gods.
I am completely captivated by the romantic logic behind these chthonic images, but have come to understand that the convictions associated with their production can be disturbing.
Red Horse Beer and PULP Live World proudly announce that Killswitch Engage, Cradle of Filth, Escape the Fate, The Word Alive, Carcass, Chthonic, and Suffocation will rock The Amoranto Stadium on the 25th of April during the PULP Summer Slam XV: Angels Descend
In Greco-Roman writing, the chthonic powers were often associated with dreams (Compton 1998:303; Downing 1990:566, Holowchak, 2002).
Early ethnographers treated Hinenuitepo as a threatening, chthonic death-deity who had lost any claim to benign femininity.
19) But perhaps one of the reasons that Epona has not played a significant role in Apuleian studies (20) is that her other funerary, chthonic, liminal, maternal, and psychopompic associations have been largely ignored or misunderstood.
Chthonic is capable of stealing saved passwords in different applications, keylogging in applications or on web pages, form grabbing, recording video and sound, injecting code in web pages opened in browsers, and providing remote access via VNC to the infected computer for making transactions in online banking systems.
Looking in turn at aurea catena, diamonic encounter, and magnum opus, he covers hermeticism, alchemy, John Dee, Carl Jung, chthonic spirit, a fish-snake synchronicity, an alchemical transformation mystery, Merlin, synchronicity, Aion, Mysterium Coniunctionis, and the grail legend.
In the underground, the werewolves have built a chthonic medical laboratory that makes the audience of the film think of torture and, not least through the appearance of the werewolf doctor, Nazi experiments.
Such a synthesis would be analogous to the one narrated in the Oresteia by which Athena's "rational" order overtakes the chthonic, irrational order of the past, allowing for the transformation of the Furies into Eumenides.
dagger] Come forever, thief; be here, chthonic Zeus with your fine hair; Receivers of this prayer, bring its cause to pass 25 Here, Hades and Chthon, unfailing fire, Helios, you Titan.