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dwelling beneath the surface of the earth

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Hyman's name in particular recurs in histories of this pre-publishing moment as the literary critic--Hyman was a staff writer for the New Yorker--become chthonian guide who helped Ellison find his way out of Invisible Man so that it could, as closed artifact, be published.
In conducting analysis Freud discovered that the 'royal road of the unconscious' was also thronged with chthonian monsters:
As Joyce Zonana writes, "Thyrsis" imagines "a Chthonian apotheosis for Clough" (p.
The entrance to this chthonian world is demarcated by the two holes dug under the arch, which serve as a means of communication with the spirits and the ancestors.
In writing about the chthonian, maternal origins of the figure of Marsyas in Lee's tale, Pulham achieves some remarkable rhetorical effects: "Skinned alive, Marsyas body becomes a kind of disturbing double for the body in its embryonic state, in which the blood and veins of the foetus are visible through the translucence of the skin" (49).
In particular, the king was expected to make regular pilgrimage to satellite temples dedicated to chthonian deities so that he might draw their power back to the capital.
Chthonian Cloverleaf Oh, I'm driving over a concrete clover Two hundred feet up--or more
In terms that strangely echo Perec's book, Barthes writes that the novel as practiced by Robbe-Grillet is no longer "of a chthonian, infernal nature, it is earthly; it teaches us to look at the world no longer through the eyes of the confessor, the physician or God--all of whom are revealing hypostases of the classical novelist--but through those of a man walking around the city, with no other horizon than what he sees, with no other power than the power of his eyes.
Our idea of the pretty is a limited notion that cannot possibly apply to earth's metamorphic underworld, a cataclysmic realm of chthonian violence.
This treatment of duende elaborates on the common Andalusian usage, which Allen Josephs claims "has more the sense of a chthonian daimon of force" (White Wall 95).
Linked with the earth, snakes were associated with chthonian powers and the Greeks and Romans regarded them as guardians of sacred places, houses and tombs.
Evidence for a Hellenistic Chthonian Cult in the Prehistoric Cemetery at Voidokilia in Pylos (Messenia)," Klio 70, pp.
Like the Furies in the Eumenides, the final play of The Oresteia, Olga's women become "the material and maternal embodiment of revenge" and are prepared to defy all social authority in order to punish those who have transgressed the Furies own, chthonian code of law (Roth 142).
She meets t he Invisible Man at the Chthonian bar--another reference pertaining to the gods and spirits of the underworld--and she summons him home with her "to join her in a very revolting ritual" (517), while he intends to use her to extract information about leaders of the Brotherhood to exact his revenge.
This obviously is a myth of origins, but there are no primitive, chthonian, or superhuman forces otherwise inexplicable.