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a grey or green fibrous mineral

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The serpentine chrysotile fiber is more readily removed by alveolar macrophages compared with the amphibole amosite and crocidolite varieties.
As shown in Figure 1, exposure of MEF cells to doses of chrysotiles ranging from 0.
Our results demonstrated that chrysotiles induced a dose dependent increase in mutant yield at the gam and redBA loci in MEF cells and that the incidence and types of mutants generated were comparable to those induced by equitoxic doses of [H.
These findings provided strong corroborating evidence of the DNA damaging effects of chrysotiles through the oxyradical pathway.
OBJECTIVES: In the present study, we investigated the mutant fractions and the patterns induced by chrysotile fibers in gpt delta transgenic mouse primary embryo fibroblasts (MEFs) and compared the results obtained with hydrogen peroxide ([H.
KEY WORDS: chrysotile asbestos, gpt delta transgenic mutation system, kilobase-sized mutation, oxyradicals, [gamma]-H2AX.