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a grey or green fibrous mineral

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Bien que la part du Canada dans la production mondiale d'amiante soit inferieure a 20 % (contre 50 % pour la Russie), le prestige international du Canada conferait une credibilite a sa position sur le chrysotile et justifiait dans d'autres pays le maintien de la production et de l'exportation de cette fibre mortelle.
Then, the chrysotile defence was recently dented when NDP MP Romeo Saganash reminded federal Industry Minister Christian Paradis that asbestos is currently being removed, at high cost, from MP's offices.
Versailles said that while Chadha acknowledges that chrysotile fibres can cause deadly diseases if inhaled, he assures that the fibres are handled safely at the plants before being mixed and enclosed in cement.
In 2007 LAB Chrysotile decided to close the last of these mines, the Bell mine.
They added chrysotile minerals, bacterial DNA molecules called plasmids that had genes for antibiotic resistance, and silica beads representing inert rock.
The Conservative minister of natural resources, Gary Lunn, has gone on record as saying that the chrysotile asbestos mined in Quebec is less potent and poses a lower health risk than other kinds of asbestos.
Geologists examined the new material and categorized asbestos into three types: chrysotile, crocidolite, and amosite--each displaying different beneficial properties.
The surface chemistry study of two layer silicates can be appropriately considered beyond the kaolinite, aluminum silicate bilayer structure, to include the tubular halloysite of the same composition as kaolinite; and the corresponding magnesium silicates antigorite (planar structure) and chrysotile (tubular structure).
Part of his job involved grinding brake linings that contained chrysotile asbestos.
The judge said, 'On the balance of probabilities, the transfer belts used in the NVOs were made from chrysotile [white asbestos].
Environmental health tests on the rubble revealed chrysotile, a type of asbestos linked to several fatal diseases, including lung cancer, the court was told.
Today, there are only two companies (three producing mines) in the Quebec towns of Thetford and Asbestos still mining chrysotile asbestos in Canada.
Forensic testing has revealed that parts contain a concentration of chrysotile asbestos about 93,000 times higher than the average found in the environment.
Nevertheless, the trainee should be familiar with these inorganic fibers for thoroughness in theoretical knowledge and for instances in which they may be encountered as fibrous evidence from sources such as building and insulation products, in old textile products or the few textile products in which chrysotile may occur.