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a grey or green fibrous mineral

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However, chrysotile did not have this effect; instead, it showed a somewhat immunosuppressed serum cytokine profile (Zebedeo et al.
While blue asbestos (crocidolite) and brown asbestos (amosite) are listed and are being progressively replaced in production, the Russian industry is mounting a rearguard action to prevent chrysotile from being listed.
The serpentine chrysotile fiber is more readily removed by alveolar macrophages compared with the amphibole amosite and crocidolite varieties.
Although Canada's contribution to the worldwide production of asbestos is less than 20% (compared to Russia's 50%), its international standing gave its position on chrysotile credibility and justified other countries' continued production and export of the deadly fibre.
For its part, the Quebec industry association, known as the Chrysotile Institute (www.
Versailles said that while Chadha acknowledges that chrysotile fibres can cause deadly diseases if inhaled, he assures that the fibres are handled safely at the plants before being mixed and enclosed in cement.
Sea-floor fissures lined with an asbestos mineral called chrysotile are places where life could have gained a foothold 3.
Geologists examined the new material and categorized asbestos into three types: chrysotile, crocidolite, and amosite--each displaying different beneficial properties.
The surface chemistry study of two layer silicates can be appropriately considered beyond the kaolinite, aluminum silicate bilayer structure, to include the tubular halloysite of the same composition as kaolinite; and the corresponding magnesium silicates antigorite (planar structure) and chrysotile (tubular structure).
It is always a great concern to hear how the public has been led to believe materials made from Chrysotile or white asbestos are something akin to radioactive anthrax.
Part of his job involved grinding brake linings that contained chrysotile asbestos.
The judge said, 'On the balance of probabilities, the transfer belts used in the NVOs were made from chrysotile [white asbestos].