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a grey or green fibrous mineral

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The [Canadian] government's objective is to maintain market access for chrysotile asbestos products," said Natural Resources Minister Ralph Goodale, "which are safe when used properly, according to the safe-use principle of the Government's Minerals and Metals Policy.
Cassiar's chrysotile magnesium fiber products are completely free from tremolite, an undesirable, sharp-edged mineral crystal found in many competitive fiber products.
DMA is applied at the surface as a foam, and soaks into the material, penetrating it throughout to contact and destroy the chrysotile asbestos contained within.
But although the amphibole forms of the material were banned prior to 1987, a substantial chrysotile (white) asbestos manufacturing industry remained in the UK.
The average weight percentage of chrysotile asbestos in the coating was 36 percent.
Occupational cohort studies show that relative risk of lung cancer from exposures to amosite or mixed (amphibole and chrysotile) fibers is typically higher than risk associated with processes in which chrysotile is bonded with other materials, as in the production of cement or friction products.
We are not speaking about asbestos in general but only about Russian Chrysotile which is not harmful.
KARACHI -- Workers and activists have called for a ban on a substance called chrysotile asbestosis, which was a leading cause of cancers for workers and anyone else who was exposed to it.
EPA 2014d); chrysotile in Nooksack and Sumas, Washington (U.
All forms of asbestos including Chrysotile are classified as human carcinogens by the International Agency for Research on Cancer and International Program of Chemical Safety (jointly run by UN Environment Program, ILO and World Health Organization).
In Gwynedd, PS539,130 has been spent on removal with all three of the major types of asbestos - crocidolite, grunerite and chrysotile - having been found within its buildings.
According to Willems, the feds have taken the party line that Canada's chrysotile asbestos is relatively safe.
The EPA has agreed to investigate whether thermochemical conversion technology could work on Raymark waste, which is a specific blend of polychlorinated biphenyls, chrysotile asbestos, copper and lead.