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a green variety of chalcedony valued as a gemstone

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A Secessionist silver brooch modelled as a woman's head in exotic headdress set with an apple green chrysoprase, a gemstone variety of Chalcedony.
6 expected for chrysoprase, and instead lies in the range of common opal.
Resisting the Romantic gesture, the poet describes the shards of glass by comparing them not only to gemstones like blue lapis and apple-green chrysoprase, but also to various shades of beer, boxed wine--even a creamy antacid.
The city of gold, The jasper walls thereof, the gates of pearl, The bright foundation-stones of emerald, Of sapphire, chrysoprase, of every gem, And the high triumph of unending day Shall be but wildfire on a summer eve Beside the exceeding glory of delight, That shall entrance me with the constant thought Of how in Hell through all eternity My son performs the perfect will of God.
His Capri Plus collection celebrates the beauty of Capri Isle, one of the most picturesque and famous Italian islands, in a blend of diamonds and exotic, luminous-hued semi-precious stones such as blue topaz, amethyst, cabochon, chrysoprase and orange moonstones on settings of 18k yellow gold, silver, ruthenium and wood.
I'd use a lot of the same stones that people use when meditating," she says, "like kyanite and chrysoprase.
Yet in Lucien's choice of subject matter, he betrays his own ideal--no longer elevating painting to a level of celestial perfection but cheapening it by recycling imagery from the pre-Raphaelites: the gaudy meretriciousness of chrysoprase and chalcedony, a morbid horticulture of tubercular orchids and expiring lilies, an art of doe-eyed androgynes "en robes semblables a des queues de paon" (117).
Low blood pressure can be treated here with a light green stone such as chrysoprase and high blood pressure can be treated with a dark coloured specimen such as dioptase.
His insects and birds were made out of moonstones and diamonds and today they seemed to us awesome in their magnificence as are his angelic faces which emerge mysteriously out of carved agate or green chrysoprase.
Perhaps the most beautiful varieties of quartz are chrysoprase and amethyst.
amethyst and topaz, chrysoprase and jasper, a dozen jewels as in the foundations of the city of God' (p.
Brooch, 1908, designed by Josef Hoffmann, silver, partly gilt, agate, almandine, chrysoprase, carnelian, coral, lapis lazuli, moonstone, opal, turquoise.
You won't see any crystal structure in this green stone as it's a cryptocrystalline mineral with the slightly ungainly name of chrysoprase, cryptocrystalline referring to the microscopic nature of its crystals.
The collection consists of bracelets that are resplendent with diamonds, beautifully faceted Capri cut coloured stones such as amethyst or stunning rich colours of cabochon, chrysoprase and orange moonstones that are complemented by black sapphires or other precious stones in pave settings.