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pale green unpleasant-smelling lacewing fly having carnivorous larvae

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Exploring nutritional roles of extracellular symbiotes on the reproduction of honeydew feeding adult chrysopids and tephritids.
Construction of a defensive trash packet from sycamore leaf trichomes by a chrysopid larva (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae).
The duration of the embryonic stage, as well as the durations and viabilities of the larval (first, second and third instars), prepupal, pupal and adult forms of the chrysopid were evaluated.
Many studies also revealed that coccinellids and chrysopid population in the field are efficient against aphids populations (Araya and Cambron 1992, Kauffman and Laroche, 1994, Pell and Vandenberg, 2002, Iqbal et al.
These traits are similar to some indicated for other reported chrysopid species; in contrast, C.
The main objective of our study was to develop a suitable artificial diet for mass rearing the economically important chrysopid predator, M.
Hymenoptera: Scelionidae) parasitizing chrysopid eggs.
In lacewings species, the Chrysopid Chrysoperla cameo Stephens larvae, decline in AChE responses were significantly correlated with increasing OP concentrations.
rufilabris (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae), an unidentified chrysopid (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae), 2 mirids, P.
Chrysopid eggs were kept only if the egg was black, indicating the presence of Trichogramma pupae or an unidentified scelionid wasp.
Development and survival of Telenomus lobatus, a parasitoid of chrysopid eggs: effect of host species.
Other chrysopids (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae) including Chrysoperla externa Hagen (Pessoa et al.