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a brown or yellow-green olivine found in igneous and metamorphic rocks and used as a gemstone

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Ross, "World and Chrysolite in Othello," Modern Language Notes 76, no.
How come dwarfs bore through halls of chrysolite to honor
Ezekiel's mystical vision of God in the Old Testament, for example, is a breathless account of a space invasion, or possibly a stargate: "The wheels glittered as if made of chrysolite.
This time as the softer light, the shape all light is compared to the stars in the light of the sun, as Shelley says, "And the fair shape waned in the coming light / As veil by veil the silent splendour drops / From Lucifer, amid the chrysolite // 'Of sunrise" (412-15).
95-8) The merchants brought him steatite from Sidon in their painted ships: The meanest cup that touched his lips was fashioned from a chrysolite.
The habitual feeling of the love of life may be compared to 'one entire and perfect chrysolite,' which, if analysed, breaks into a thousand shining fragments.
4) Chrysolite, or white asbestos was also mined in Canada, which supplied more than half of the world's needs, and in Swaziland and Zimbabwe where a single company, African Associated Mines, still operates mines at Zvishavane and Mashava.
Many small scale mining operations that emerged during the pre-independence period--for manganese, chrysolite asbestos, talc and semi-precious stones--did not prove sustainable and had all ceased operations by 1971, Botswana's fifth birthday.
30) In another tradition, we are told on the authority of Ibn 'Abbas that "Allah's Messenger said: "God created a Tablet from a white pearl (durra bayda' the two sides of which are made of a green chrysolite (zubar jadda khadra'), and the writing on it is of light.
Booth occasionally cellophanes her acrylics with pigment to get diaphanous shades, like the chrysolite green in Feather Piece, 2005, which is the same hue, just a shade darker, as the naturally green tint of her glass support.
Frosted crystal with peridot, chrysolite and jonquil-colored Swarovski crystals.
And some will be clothed in white linen and ride white horses and rule with King Jesus in Jerusalem shining with jasper and chrysolite.
White asbestos, or Chrysolite, is the less dangerous form which can be spun or woven into tape.
Both can be used to replace white chrysolite asbestos cloth, which under current regulations is due to be phased out by the end of the year.