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an instrument for accurate measurements of small intervals of time

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Chronoscope 1952 is part of an on-going series derived from a television show of the same name broadcast on the American CBS Television Network between 1951 and 1955.
The chronoscope in DT reveals a temple scene, including "a squat pillar surmounted by a curious idol," "a high step [.
The first view through DT's chronoscope is a night view of "the mass of some large building.
in which a 'Hipp' chronoscope was used to record reaction
It was perpetrated by a lawyer named Edgar Marchant, the former owner of the Aline Chronoscope, who had a history of sending out tall tales.
Time and error in executing the task during bimanual coordination test by electronic chronoscope.
Tolkien's Notion Club Papers--quickly degenerates as the gathering of men use a device called the chronoscope to observe a series of obscene and inhumane events in another dimension called Othertime.
There was an ergograph, a hand dynamometer, a memory drum, a reaction time apparatus with a Hipp chronoscope, and so on, all in mint condition.
its object base; he also developed the electromagnetic chronoscope that
The chronoscope was built into count the reaction time.
By the second half of the 19th century, it had become possible to apply the chronoscope, with some precision, to measurement of the delay between delivery of an imperative signal (IS) and the person's initiation of a response (Hirsch, 1861).