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an instrument for accurate measurements of small intervals of time

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Tide: Tidal Chronoscope HD automatically retrieves local tide predictions from more than 9,400 worldwide tidal reporting stations, and lets users add their own custom reporting stations.
The Tidal Chronoscope is a great example of a user-friendly, dynamic application that gives tide information at a glance.
The original versions, ChronGlobal Tidal Chronoscope for the iPhone and Tidal Chronoscope for the Android, have garnered accolades among anyone interested in water-oriented activity.
next to Scudamour's statement (written in the usual ink) that they rarely can see things "ten miles away from the Dark Tower" while viewing Othertime scenes through the chronoscope.
The Scotsman in this fragment has been supervising Lewis's chronicles of the chronoscope adventures, almost reading over his shoulder and commenting all along, and in this case he smirks at Lewis mischievously in stating that Scudamour claimed to have got Lewis reminiscing about war experiences and the books he had written--elements of Lewis-the-author's real past--which have the effect of cheering up Lewis-the-character (who is now narrating).
Considering his lifelong habit of reserve, it's interesting that these self-referential remarks made their way at all into the narrative's initial draft, and curious that memories of The Great War, undoubtedly a traumatic experience, had a soothing effect on Lewis-the-character in the midst of so much degeneracy observed with the chronoscope that had rattled him.
The Tidal Chronoscope app is less than three weeks old, yet is already a star in the Navigation category of the App Store.