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an accurate clock (especially used in navigation)

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Modern Mental Chronometry," Biological Psychology 26(1):3-67, http://www.
Horological historian David Christianson a certified Master Watchmaker for more than a quarter century brings his skill and proficiency to bear with his publication TIMEPIECES Masterpieces of Chronometry.
The more we becomes a chronometry of decadence, the Prophet himself confirms that the end of the time will witness the end of morality, the appearance of anti-Christ .
The beginning initiates time measurement, as a chronometry based on a secular, but seemingly also sacred, decimalism.
Hepatic SOD activity and MDA content were measured by the xanthine oxides method (Marklund and Marklund, 1974) and barbituric acid reaction chronometry (Xiang and Wang, 1990), respectively, using kits from Jiancheng Bioengineering Institute, Nanjing, China.
They used an evaluation process called chronometry that compares the time of test participants' imagined movements to actual movements.
He had a passionate interest in education, an interest recalled in the school named after him; and he was an enthusiast for chronometry, the scientific measurement of time, and its history.
Propp, elegantly traces chronometry and chronology in ancient Israel and Judah and notes the implications of the former for the latter.
Occurrence Onset Severity * frequency * traumatic * injury type * prevalence * insidious * time lost * incidence * function lost Chronometry * cost * time of day * time of year * activity type Analytical How many?
2002, Dating of the Quaternary volcanoes Komorni Hurka (Kammerbiihl) and Zelezna Hurka (Eisenbuhl), Czech Republic, by TL, ESR, alpha-recoil and fission track chronometry.
His topics include how the protocol works, clock discipline algorithm, primary servers and reference clocks, kernel timekeeping support, identity schemes, the metrology and chronometry of the protocol timescale, time transfer for deep-space missions, and a technical history of the protocol.
For related questions of chronometry, chronology, chronography and chronosophy, see Pomian 1984 (after: Ricoeur:193).
From an existential angle, time and space are what we scientifically investigate and are taught by physics, chronometry and historiography, but are also far beyond our logic and conventional three or four dimensional mental representations.
Following an overview of the field, papers describe recent methodological advances, including an automated counting system for fission tracks in natural minerals, the use of laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry for measuring uranium concentration for apatite and zircon fission-track chronometry, and detrital thermochronology based on measuring Nd isotopic compositions on single apatites by laser ablation ICP-MS, to cite a few examples.