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an accurate clock (especially used in navigation)

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The ratios of chronometrically to non-chronometrically dated sites within each UP cultural period were derived from a database created for the study of French UP sites containing non-figurative signs (von Petzinger 2009).
Starting in the Gravettian, the number of stylistically dated sites rises to above 50 per cent, but what differentiates this period from the Solutrean and Magdalenian is its relatively high number of direct chronometrically dated sites.
partial derivative]/[partial derivative]t are the chronometrically invariant differential operators, while
is Zelmanov's tensor constructed by him on the basis of the non-commutativity of the second chronometrically invariant derivatives of an arbitrary spatial vector taken in a given three-dimensional spatial section
Geometric space characteristics of (2) are chronometrically invariant Christoffel symbols [[DELTA].
Such projections are invariant with respect to the transformation of time in the spatial section: they are chronometrically invariant quantities.
00])], while [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is the so-called chronometrically invariant time derivative.
Chronometrically invariant variations in Einstein's gravitation theory.
5 Gravitational inertial waves and their link to the chronometrically invariant representation of Petrov's classification
she called it the Synge equation in chronometrically invariant form.
beta]] = 0 in the terms of physical observable quantities [1, 2], where we formulate regular derivatives through chronometrically invariant (physical observable) derivatives *[partial derivative]/[partial derivative]t = 1/[square root of ([g.