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an accurate clock (especially used in navigation)

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horological (terrestrial) and chronometrical (celestial) thinking is parallel to the unfolding entrapment between Free Will and Fate in Ada through the introduction of the "third co-ordinate," the other incestuous son of Terra: Cronos (Time).
Scores are assigned based on (a) the first-order scale (total Wellness score), (b) 23 third-order scales grouped into the five factor scores (Creative Self, Coping Self, Social Self, Essential Self, and Physical Self), (c) four context scores (Local, Institutional, Global, and Chronometrical [the recognition that time affects people]), and (d) a one-item Life Satisfaction score.
The self-confrontation data transcripts were put into relation with the chronometrical data and independently coded by two researchers.
Information becomes independent of space as geometrical distance, hierarchy as organizational distance, and time as chronometrical distance.
Ramon soon became a disciple of Davies, who taught him the French method of making champagne, including the fastidious and chronometrical job of turning the bottles by 1/8 every few days in order to let the residues sit at the top of the bottle.
In order to play charanga, you must be totally devoted to the discipline and musicality required to satisfy the chronometrical factors involved.
The third account was based on the existence of a pure chronometrical representation.
For the CAT and WISC-R combination, the selected model retains the WISC-R verbal factor and the WISC-R performance factor, regroups the CAT RT and inspection time measures to define a chronometrical factor, and regroups the WISC-R freedom-from-distractability indicators and the CAT learning and memory indicators to define the fourth group factor.
The attempt to live according to divine law is, for Plinlimmon, like being in China while scheduling one's day according to a chronometer set to Greenwich time: "so the chronometrical soul, if in this world true to its great Greenwich in the other, will always, in its so-called intuitions of right and wrong, be contradicting the mere local standards and watchmaker's brains of this earth" (p.