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an arrangement of events in time

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a record of events in the order of their occurrence

the determination of the actual temporal sequence of past events

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Just as Cotler and Wilczek expected, the experimenters couldn't formulate a chronology that was consistent with both the starting and ending measurements of each photon and the mirror-based evidence in between.
Chapter IV ("Vergleich der Zuordnung Asdq 1 = -1573 mit anderen Quellen") presents a discussion of the implications of the proposed chronology for the seasons of the date and barley harvest in Old Babylonian times, for the Assyrian king lists, and "Distanzangaben"; it further discusses the Tell-Muhammad texts and the Mariand Assur-eclipses and presents a comparison with independent archeological, dendrochronological, and (14) C-radiocarbon dating results.
Species: Picea glauca Sites: NFOR (1) TUND Chronology length 1743-2003 1771-2004 Number of years 261 234 Number of trees 65 25 Number of radii 112 34 Mean ring width (mm) 0.
2006), as well as in two species of skates (McPhie and Campana, 2009), and can also be caused by the age of the carbon in prey items found at different depths, which can produce a delay in the radiocarbon chronology.
2004), or even chronology development techniques (Wilmking et al.
Encourage students to add illustrations or photos printed from the Internet, and to include a title for their chronology.
Establishing a chronology by using literary criteria naturally involves a good deal of literary analysis of individual texts, and this forms the very welcome basis of Andersson's book.
I spent a few hours labeling the pages with sticky notes, and planned to get up at 5:00am on Wednesday to really hit the chronology hard.
A Chronology and Calendar of Documents Related to the London Book Trade 1641-1700.
He initially worked on the polymath Joseph Scaliger, whose De emendatione temporum laid the foundation, in 1583, for all subsequent discussion of the chronology of the ancient world.
Chronology of the War at Sea 1939-1945: The Naval History of World War Two.
Darby's eccentric reading of the Bible emphasizes a strict futuristic chronology based upon scriptural prophecy and leading up to the second coming of Christ--which his followers believe may not be far off.
This chronology follows the course of public health from the focus on vaccines in the late 18th century through the gradual shift from combatting infectious diseases to understanding diseases of aging.
The rest of the exhibition's galleries were larger, less-enclosed spaces, which allowed for more communication between various series and a looser chronology.
The information is organized topically and cross-referenced with special sections on abbreviations, conversion factors, and chronology.