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an arrangement of events in time

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a record of events in the order of their occurrence

the determination of the actual temporal sequence of past events

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Our four-page pullout chronology of John Paul's papacy may be regarded in various ways.
As against the Greek convention that nothing was certainly known before Ninus king of Assyria, Jewish and Christian chronology could appeal to Genesis which went back to the exact beginning of the world.
First, the "corrections" are highly selective: remaining unresolved are discrepancies between the Chronology and the earlier narratives with respect to the birth-dates of Sutpen, Clytie, and Judith; the year of Sutpen's running away from home; and the year of Wash's move into the abandoned fishing camp.
The researchers' new chronology does indicate that a few events occurred earlier than previously predicted.
12) Moreover, such a creation of a binary along the lines of black/white, man/woman is precisely where the Autobiography fails by imagining a picaresque chronology and a confessional conversion narrative where the "saved" Malcolm is always present as narrator to direct us in an expedition into his delicious past that will inevitably lead us to the already-enlightened present.
It is not that he is creating a false chronology but that he is defining one.
These shortfalls in evidence cast a deep shadow over Cohn's interpretation of both causation and chronology.
They then developed a similar chronology for modern F.
The booklet which claims on its back cover to "celebrate over twenty-five years of initiatives concerning women in the Church and society", is a rather selective chronology of events which created turmoil and division during the 1980s among Canadian Catholic women, some of whom supported the initiatives and some who did not.
These are headings that highlight the unfolding chronology of events rather than analytical sections.
In following the historical chronology as the principle of organization, Golahny attenuates vital links in conceptual vocabulary shared between essays placed far apart in the collection.
Irish-born English scholar, editor, and pioneer in efforts to establish an authentic text and chronology of William Shakespeare's works.
The line of watches, called Perry Ellis Chronology, will be sold under the Perry Ellis(R), Perry Ellis Portfolio(R), and Perry Ellis America(R) brands.
The book is divided into sections introducing Egyptian chronology, explaining radiocarbon dating methodology, and applying radiocarbon dating in tandem with other archaeological and textual fragments to draw chronologies of the New, Middle, and Old Kingdoms.