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an arrangement of events in time

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a record of events in the order of their occurrence

the determination of the actual temporal sequence of past events

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Each time it is revised, he looks it over to make sure (1) the chronology makes sense and (2) his case (or the other side's case) makes sense in light of the chronology.
In India, they will meet in 1939 according to the National Indian Calendar, adopted not so long ago (1957) and based on ancient chronology. However, some minorities and tribes in the country follow other, own calendars.
I was persuaded to make the chronology's "facts" agree with the "facts" of the novel, when it was possible to do so; the evidence persuaded me to treat these appendices as aids to the reader of a very complex novel.
In a paper last year, they introduced the idea of entangled histories, cases in which a single chronology is insufficient to explain the observed changes in the properties of a particle.
While the scope of Hannings' chronology is wide, I would have liked to see more details regarding the occupation of the West and its policy on slavery.
Neugebauer, "The Chronology of the Hammurabi Age," JAOS 61(1941); 58-61, and will be restated in this review.
Covering more than four centuries from the Colonial Era forward, Jewish American Chronology offers an introduction to the history of American Jews and Judaism, using individual examples, personality profiles, and illustrations to illustrate fundamental patterns and major themes.
EPS measures how well the chronology compares to the theoretical population chronology based on an infinite number of trees (Wigley et al., 1984).
To develop their chronology, the researchers looked for indications of climate in the past in the growth rings of the oldest trees in the southern San Juan region.
Nakba Chronology - Know the History All you need to know about the details and chronology of during the period of Nakba.
To assign dates of formation to an unknown tissue sample, it is necessary that the [DELTA][sup.14]C of the unknown sample be compared with a [DELTA][sup.14]C chronology based on known-age material (a reference chronology).
Recent studies indicate that the frequencies retained may be as little as one third of the mean segment length in the chronology (Cook et al.
New Chapters in the Life of Paul: The Relative Chronology of His Career.
John Brown Photo Chronology: Catalog of the Exhibition at Harpers Ferry 2009 is a compendium of historic black-and-white photographs and images of John Brown (1800-1859), the notorious abolitionist who led an anti-slavery revolt in Harpers Ferry, Virginia.