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establish the order in time of something

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Other examples entirely avoid matters of management, preferring to chronologize their parts and summarize performances and playscripts, e.g.
Rather than technology being inferior to or less lyrically promotive than the cultural, natural, and ecstatic, technology chronologizes modern man's social and intellectual development and mediates in a spirit friendly with American male rhetoric and personality:
Gupta's chapter on schooling in India, for example, chronologizes a fascinating palimpsest of religious influence on education: Vedic/Hindu (2000-600 B.C.E.), Buddhist (600 B.C.E.-700 C.E.), and Islamic (1000-1700 C.E.).
But Wilcher has learned his lessons so well and so tightly chronologizes his contexts that his chapters usually begin with, and often return to, extended narratives of a sort more often encountered in a standard textbook.
Gay chronologizes Florida Supreme Court cases from Black River Phosphate Co.