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an arrangement of events in time

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a record of events in the order of their occurrence

the determination of the actual temporal sequence of past events

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Turning to the general issue of needs for the future: above all, good chronology spanning the deep-to-recent past is demanded of the chronologist, but advances in this direction could also usefully be met by a withdrawal by the archaeologist from the perception that only Pleistocene dates are `good' dates--to Indigenous Australians, the recent past is often of much greater interest than `deep time', but has been frequently overlooked by archaeological/scientific investigation.
Camden was headmaster of Westminster School when Robert Cotton entered there in the 1570s, and Cotton became part of an influential group of choreographers and chronologists which included Thomas Lydiat and James Ussher.
Battle-lines had long been drawn, with one camp (the long chronologists represented by the 'old guard') arguing that the earliest industries could be dated to within the Early Pleistocene (anything from two million to 900,000 years ago), with the opposing camp (short chronologists) pushing for a much later arrival at around 500,000 years ago.
The landscape's flowering is fluid, what chronologists call a "floating sequence," a sequence the dates of which are relatively well known in relation to one another but not in relation to when exactly they will occur on the brittle Gregorian calendar in a specific place.
In recent times rock art chronologists have tried to adapt easel painting authentication strategies to the absolute dating of rock paintings.