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an arrangement of events in time

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a record of events in the order of their occurrence

the determination of the actual temporal sequence of past events

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Aardsma, "The Origin and Antiquity of the Biblical Text," The Biblical Chronologist 8, no.
46) John Henry Newman was even more explicit: "if anything seems to be proved by astronomer, or geologist, or chronologist, or antiquarian, or ethnologist, in contradiction to the dogmas of faith, that point will eventually turn out, first, not to be proved, or, secondly, not contradictory, or thirdly, not contradictory to any thing really revealed, but to something which has been confused with revelation.
The late Jones was a composer, chronologist, and co-author of A Choice Collection of the Works of Francis Johnson.
Enter queer chronologist Catherine Gund (A Touch of Greatness), who takes us into one couple's journey and delivers a candid look at parenting from conception to birth and beyond.
This biography by counter-culture chronologist Barry Miles is the first of many books (including one by FZ himself) to achieve a successful studied overview of the American cultural icon's life.
The matter is further complicated by the fact that Negev (1986), perhaps the primary chronologist of Nabatean culture, has extended the Nabatean period by including proto- and post-Nabatean phases into the cultural sequence, thus, achieving a duration of roughly 1500 years in total, while Evenari et al.
He had become an expert chronologist of the lives and ever-changing times of Jesus, the evangelists and the late Apostolic period.
Soldiers of fortune, hired killers, bandits for sale, security consultants - call them what you like, says veteran researcher, chronologist and author on all things African, Guy Arnold - a mercenary by any other name smells as foul, writes Tom Nevin.
The first problem that confronts the serious chronologist of Austen's Sense and Sensibility is that the chronology of this novel is convoluted and lengthy.