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an arrangement of events in time

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a record of events in the order of their occurrence

the determination of the actual temporal sequence of past events

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In three sections on chronologies, themes, and individuals, they consider such topics as the contested quest for modernization 1914-36, from democratic transition to consolidation and Crispaci n 1970s to the present, social movements, war and the military, Countess Espoz y Mina, Jose Ortega y Gasset, Francisco Franco, and Pilar Primo de Rivera.
The timeline now offers almost 7,600 works of art, more than 1,000 essays, and 300 chronologies.
Our best description of the past is not a fixed chronology but multiple chronologies that are intertwined with each other.
Within these, 53 sections are each covered by chronologies that document the major events that define the topic; top ten lists that provide personal insight from specialists in that field; and word clouds that visually depict the key concepts in important books, articles, and speeches related to energy.
To evaluate numerically the quality of the different Venus chronologies the author uses sophisticated statistical methods, first applied to the problem of the Venus chronologies by Huber et al.
La plupart des chronologies ont fait Tobjet d'inter-correlations, et celles-ci laissent entrevoir un fortcage environnemental courant, bien que les influences environnementales differaient dans la foret meridionale (particulierement dans le cas de P.
Bomb testing yielded synchronous known-age reference chronologies in corals, bivalves, and fish otoliths worldwide (Campana, 1997; Druffel, 1989), which can be used to confirm the accuracy of age estimates for various marine species (Campana et al.
Any single chronology contains elements related to site, regional and large-scale controls; the strength of reconstructions ultimately depends on cross-verification with chronologies from adjacent areas, or on comparison with other proxies that confirm the nature of the signal and can be used to distinguish local vs.
When students have finished, have them present their chronologies to the class.
Those of us who have found his earlier chronologies of the First and Second World Wars useful as research sources will not be disappointed in this, his latest opus.
The Chronology used a similar format to compare the chronologies of the Hebrew Bible, the Septuagint, and the chronologies of other societies, including Egyptians, Babylonians, and Greeks.
AFRICAN AMERICAN CHRONOLOGY: CHRONOLOGIES OF THE AMERICAN MOSAIC is more comprehensive than most other Afro-American histories: it examines the influence, rise and impact of waves of changes affecting Afro American issues and community struggles, offering chapters of detail from an Associate Professor of Sociology.
Wright is the author of other chronologies for the publisher.
If I have presented the dangers of teleological, discrete chronologies and the transformative possibilities of moving history as marking a potential divide between text and image in Baldwin's use of the technologies, I have done so only as a test case.
There are other chronologies of recent publication, such as Naval Aviation 1910-1995 (Roy Grossnick, Naval Historical Center) and Naval History (Jack Sweetman, U.