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Chapter 1 starts with the discovery of the uninhabited island in 1505 and the subsequent chapters are organized by chronological sequence starting with colonization, and moving from the beginnings of sustained maritime activity into a period of flourishing maritime economy with a focus on seafaring people and the migration and trade patterns that connected them, and finally closing with chapters dedicated to the Bermudian response to political change during the American Revolution and the consequent decline of the island's maritime activity.
The arrangement, geared more toward formal correspondences than chronological sequence, highlighted another important characteristic of Bartuszova's art: Her objects, thanks to their ambivalence, are strangely volatile.
The songs are in chronological sequence, and like Wilco's other records, they are best experienced in order.
Gabriel added that a peaceful plan of dispersing sit-ins should apply in an escalating chronological sequence, starting with besieging the field, and later using water hoses and tear gas if needed.
Using evidence from stratigraphy, style, iconography, materials, history, and paleography, the authors formulate a chronological sequence for the statues.
htm) iTech Post proposes that idea of an M name being next comes from some fans counting the K and L in Key Lime Pie as part of this chronological sequence.
Although there have been publications about cultural institutions in Dublin, this is the first to examine them together, and with a chronological sequence that acts as a narrative thread throughout.
Proceeding for the most part in a chronological sequence, Wildenberg examines how the arrival of the first American aircraft carriers (Langley, Lexington, and Saratoga) in the late 1920s began to affect Navy doctrine.
Though the exemplars are rendered as discrete archetypes of masculinity in a chronological sequence of development, Hope emphasizes that all five are still at play in modern dancehall culture.
Findings there and other sites at and near Boscombe Down have allowed archaeologists to construct a detailed chronological sequence for the area.
Despite being to all intents and purposes a chronological sequence of nightly newspaper reports and features, the end result is still a gripping read.
Haight operates with a methodology that pays attention both to social-anthropological and theological dimensions as he examines major movements and figures, following a chronological sequence.
However, as Brown observes, only a few of the commentaries have definite indicators of the date at which they were written and so it is not yet possible to arrange them all in a chronological sequence.
There is no thematic arrangement or chronological sequence so one must dip, flip and browse through the hundreds of small tales and dramatic photographs.
I want to share it in a chronological sequence if possible.