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a chronological account of events in successive years

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Julia says the exhibition is not intended as a chronological record but is her attempt to capture the complex nature of the plant at Leeds Road, and the current transformation of the site, where new warehousing is going up.
Wilkins has updated a previous version of The Navajo Political Experience by including new numerical statistics, additional analysis and a chronological record of politically significant events.
Well-armed tribesmen, thinking they were under attack, retaliated and killed 18 soldiers while the alleged Bin Laden followers escaped (see a brief chronological record of key events since then highlighting Yemen's role in the war against terror in the latest edition of SBME).
The following is a brief chronological record of key events since then highlighting Yemen's role in the war against terror.
Its non-linear nature makes it a more interesting and thematically-structured read as opposed to a chronological record of events as one memory leads to another and another.
The book provides a brisk chronological record of the mostly lowlights in Bill Clinton's relations with the press.
The book is essentially a detailed chronological record of B-17 units and their aircraft and operations in the South and Southwest Pacific areas from December 7, 1941, until their last combat mission on October 20, 1943.
Dates in Medicine: A Chronological Record of Medical Progress over Three Millennia.
In Brooks, 6 TC 504 (1946), a chronological record of income and expenses converted by the taxpayer's accountant into a summary "ledger" was held to not constitute books and records, because there was no book to record dividend and interest receipts, cost and acquisition dates of rental real estate property, and improvements or depreciation thereon.
You don't HAVE to start with a chronological record of employment.
The computer can also prove useful in keeping a chronological record of your accomplishments during the year.
The Chinese lunar calendar is the longest chronological record in history, dating from 2637 when the Emperor Huang Ti introduced the first cycle of this zodiac in the 61st year of his reign.
Regardless of the exact information DNA sequencing may provide in the future, it seems certain that the current chronological record holders will not reign for long.
As you can see from this brief chronological record, Hunt has been able to maintain a growth rate that makes other companies salivate.
Comments on the card offer a chronological record of any unusual incidents.