chronological record

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a chronological account of events in successive years

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Although Goff does not lift her head often enough from the chronological record to notice, her study helps to qualify the recent work of Mark S.
In more than 70 colour plates, it provides a wonderful chronological record of the artist's work from the 1960s to the present day, showing his development from fresh-faced student to one of the great painters of the 21st century.
That erratic piston motion stretches and distorts the stratified sediment layers that provide a chronological record of past conditions on Earth.
Take a chronological record of most studies like science, history or engineering and it is possible to extract the ridiculous, laughable and ludicrous, and religions are no different.
Undaunted, the consultant chemical pathologist and retired chemistry professor in London presents a basically chronological record of what has been claimed as effective over the millennia.
Whilst this book claims only to be a life of Lewis, and not the sole work on him, it is a fairly comprehensive and chronological record. Sayer, a personal friend of Lewis, writes objectively, painting a balanced portrait of Jack (as he was known to his friends).
This annual photographic project has two main objectives: to obtain a chronological record of what happens in our garden and to capture pictures of the flora and fauna in the most interesting and creative way possible.
Julia says the exhibition is not intended as a chronological record but is her attempt to capture the complex nature of the plant at Leeds Road, and the current transformation of the site, where new warehousing is going up.
Wilkins has updated a previous version of The Navajo Political Experience by including new numerical statistics, additional analysis and a chronological record of politically significant events.
iMarkup says the solution addresses the needs of teams and workgroups to collaborate with one another in real time, and allows organizations to maintain a chronological record of rapidly changing enterprise information.
Well-armed tribesmen, thinking they were under attack, retaliated and killed 18 soldiers while the alleged Bin Laden followers escaped (see a brief chronological record of key events since then highlighting Yemen's role in the war against terror in the latest edition of SBME).
The following is a brief chronological record of key events since then highlighting Yemen's role in the war against terror.
Its non-linear nature makes it a more interesting and thematically-structured read as opposed to a chronological record of events as one memory leads to another and another.
The book provides a brisk chronological record of the mostly lowlights in Bill Clinton's relations with the press.
The book is essentially a detailed chronological record of B-17 units and their aircraft and operations in the South and Southwest Pacific areas from December 7, 1941, until their last combat mission on October 20, 1943.