chronological age

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age measured by the time (years and months) that something or someone has existed

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Comparative group 1 (GC1) and Comparative Group 2 (GC2): to have typical neuropsychomotor development; have been born at term; have not been born with low weight; have results indicative of normality in the neonatal auditory, visual and metabolism screenings; do not have characteristics of the Autism Spectrum Disorder; have visual abilities to perform the activities proposed; be paired according to gender, mental age (CG1), chronological age (CG2), school, and socioeconomic status with the EG.
In the absence of "proof" of their chronological age, displaced people faced with entering demographic data on migration forms may be obliged to invent what Seibel calls "bureaucratic birthdates," (4) with far-reaching administrative consequences in access to services structured according to chronological age categories.
This cognitive age can capture different aspects related to age which would not be obvious from one's chronological age (Barack & Shiffman, 1981; Moschis & Mathur, 2006).
The comparison of heart age to chronological age represents an alternative way to express a person's risk for having a CVD event * and provides information about a person's cardiovascular health that is not clear from the 10-year risk score alone.
The study aimed to find out: (1) if there is a rapid growth in auditory and speech development in those groups; (2) if auditory and speech development in three groups is equivalent; and (3) assess the impact of chronological age and recovery time on auditory and speech development in children with hearing loss.
They tend to be more physically active than other people of the same chronological age.
In our study, within the last of these we have gone deeply into the cognitive age, setting out from the works of Barak (Barak, 2009; Barak & Gould, 1985; Barak, Guiot, Mathur, Zhang & Lee, 2011), given that this is a variable that is habitually used in studies about the elderly and which reveals the existence of differences between chronological age and cognitive age.
The scientists found that participants who said they felt three or more years younger than their chronological age were less likely to die than were those who reported feeling their age or older than their actual age, according to a paper published online Dec.
Fukuda said they also intend to have the device indicate users "physical health age," as opposed to their chronological age.
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the mean chronological age at peak pubertal growth (CVMS III) and occurrence of peak pubertal spurt amongst male and female Pakistani subjects as- sessed by Cervical maturation method (CVM) as an indicator of skeletal age in the circumpubertal period.
Older people who felt three or more years younger than their chronological age had a lower death rate compared with those who felt their age or who felt more than one year older than their actual age, researchers found.
Neil is not alone when it comes to being biologically younger than one's chronological age.
Telomere length may be a better indicator of biological age, which can give us insight into variations in the cumulative 'wear and tear' of the organism net of chronological age," study leader David Chae, an assistant professor of epidemiology, notes in a press statement.
Objective: To assess the degree of applicability of bone age calculated by Greulich and Pyle Atlas in estimation of chronological age for therapeutic and medico legal purposes.