chronological age

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age measured by the time (years and months) that something or someone has existed

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The primary goal of this study was to evaluate if age estimates provided by the ADBOU software program involving features from the three anatomical portions are accurate and precise in relation to chronological age at death in a Colombian population subsample.
The model prediction tool obtained a mean absolute deviation of 7.6 years between BA and chronological age in healthy participants from the MGH data set.
Maintaining the chronological age of these cells is vital when studying neurodegenerative diseases that develop in people at different ages and worsen over decades.
A whopping two thirds of us have a body age that is higher than our chronological age.
Since my chronological age is 69,1 guess that's good news, although Titanovo cautioned that my telomeres might be too long.
The study constituted of 42 children, 14 with Down Syndrome (Experimental Group--EG), of both genders and chronological age between 36 and 62 months; 14 children with typical development, paired by gender and mental age with the experimental group (Comparative Group 1--CG1), with chronological age between 13 and 50 months; and 14 with typical development, paired by gender and chronological age with the experimental group (Comparative Group 2--CG2).
Mitochondrial proteins that belong to PMD and OS regulons exhibit three different patterns of how their concentrations change with the chronological age of yeast cultured with LCA.
Dental methods for age calculation on developing teeth are important in the estimation of chronological age in cases of unknown date of birth, adoption of children, asylum seeking procedures, unaccompanied children, or estimating age from skeletal remains [9, 10].
Using a conceptual lens of social age, authors analyze the ways in which people in situations of forced migration are treated differently on the basis of chronological age, biological development, and family status.
Yes, OK, you might know the date on your birth certificate, and the number of candles on your birthday cake - but while these show your chronological age, your biological age - how time, genes and lifestyle have taken a toll on your body - could be very different.
Our finding marks another step in understanding aging differences between people and provides new leads to identify the molecular links between perceived age, chronological age and biological age," he explained.
Eight in 10 survey respondents believe chronological age will continue to become less relevant, the company said in releasing results of the survey of 6,800 women in 11 countries.
The company also released results from a global survey that found women are becoming less limited by what is considered "age appropriate." Eight in 10 women believe chronological age will continue to become less relevant, the company said in releasing results of the survey of 6,800 women in 11 countries.
Overall, the average heart age for adult men is eight years older than their chronological age, compared to five years older for women.