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insignificant positive correlation was found between chronological and dental age.
Every single aspect that is relevant to establishing a reliable typological and chronological framework for the Anatolian Chalcolithic is most carefully considered.
But the best literary order is not necessarily chronological.
Department head, Queen's University (in chronological order) Safe Clothing Begone Dull Care Les Raquetteurs Warrendale Wojeck: "The Last Man in the World" The Ballad of Crowfoot Surfacing on the Thames Les Dernieres fiancailles The Grey Fox Da Vinci's Inquest: "Little Sister"
If you are really worried, you can always go in and check the chronological file.
You can use a chronological or functional format for your resume.
The other binders on the file cabinet, all labeled on the outside spine, contain all memos in chronological order for references, master copies of forms to be used for duplication, copies of weekly press releases in chronological order, and monthly budget reports.
The text is divided along chronological lines, and the chapter breaks represent important milestones in American Catholic history.
He then weaves together a chronological picture of the group from the early-nineteenth century to the present.
Another attractive feature of this work is an opening comparative chronological chart spanning the duration of 400 AD-the present, displayed on twenty-four successive pages, and outlining carefully selected historical and literary landmarks in the West vis-a-vis their chronological equivalents in the Arab and Muslim worlds on the opposite page.
Levin through an itinerary whose theoretical and chronological point of departure is Jeremy Bentham's vision of a panoptical prison project.
The sofware suite consists of four modules, including: AdminiStor Host; which systematically monitors all programs; AdminiStor Server, which coordinates and monitors database activity; AdminiStor GUI, which provides browser access to system administrators; and AdminiStor Data Base, which logs all events in chronological order.
Answer: Students should place the events in chronological order on the timeline.
Arranged in chronological order from 1926 through 1988, thirty-seven of Noguchi's dance designs are featured in this 8 1/2" by 11" book, along with the sculptor's comments about the creation of each.