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In adults, accelerated cellular aging as reflected in a 5-year discrepancy between DNA methylation age and chronologic age is predictive of an adjusted 16% increased mortality risk independent of social class, education level, lifestyle factors, and chronic diseases, including diabetes and cardiovascular disease (Genome Biol.
This atlas consists of plates of typical hand-wrist radiographs taken at six to twelve month intervals of chronologic age.
A recent study by Beit et al23 concluded that assessment of age-dependent changes in the cervical spine offers no advantage over chronologic age, in either assessing skeletal age or predicting the pubertal growth spurt.
Figure 2 demonstrates that before treatment at IAHP, subjects had made about half as much progress as would normally be expected for their chronologic age.
Further, the chronologic distinctions between Mao-era and post-Mao era CCP policies are made clear throughout this second edition.
The subsequent four chapters give a chronologic overview of the variable and at times chaotic landscape of unions, federations, and political parties, mostly in Java.
Even if disjointed and unconnected, all the initiatives were presented as a coherent and chronologic corpus of ideas mundacistas.
Because of the potential for interpatient aging differences, gynecologists must assess each patient; chronologic age and biologic age can differ significantly (Semin.
Chemo for breast cancer increases molecular age by about 15 years equivalent of chronologic aging; that's a lot," Sharpless said.
This is especially an issue for those with accelerated biologic aging and excessive inflammation whose biologic or functional age far exceeds their chronologic age or number of birthdays.
Beginning with European explorations in the New World and the first permanent English settlement in America, and ending with the American Revolution, Planting an Empire takes us on a chronologic journey of more than one hundred and sixty years.
The historical and cultural proximity of Turkey and Egypt, the representation of political Islam in the governance of both the countries, the similar processes of replacing the periphery with the core as the new elite of the country and the chronologic closeness of a failed coup plot in Turkey on the sidelines of the Gezi Park events to a successful coup in Egypt force Turkish politicians to take a clearer stance against the military intervention in Egypt.
LOS ANGELES--If you look old for your chronologic age, chances are your coronary arteries are undergoing accelerated biologic aging, too, judging from findings from the landmark Copenhagen City Heart Study.
The visible signs of aging reflect physiologic or biologic age and are independent of chronologic age," said Dr Anne Tybjaerg-Hansen, lead investigator of the Copenhagen Heart Study and a professor of clinical biochemistry at the University of Copenhagen.
She adds that this study also highlights the difference between chronologic and physiologic age.