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an accurate timer for recording time

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The SE Lux gets chronographic instrument dials, leather upholstery, light oak wood trim, heated front seats, 18-inch alloys, active headlamps, power tailgate and park-assist.
I begin by exploring some salient developments in Mendelssohn's convoluted reception history, then summarize the historical and modern dispositions of the epistolary, chronographic, and musical primary sources.
When traveling overland, this method far surpassed the seagoing chronographic technique of measuring the time difference between noon at Greenwich and the moment the sun was directly overhead at one's particular location.
Chronographic instruments and high grade materials give the interior a sleek look, while aluminium, carbon and stylish Silver Arrow leather were specially developed for the new model.
Skeptics, take note: As Tom Campanella of MIT points out, variations in daylight can provide the best evidence of the images' freshness: "The most reliable means of checking the veracity of our telepresent landscape may well be the sun itself--the most ancient of our chronographic aids.
18) Ademas de las obras ya citadas de Grumel y Adler ver: Mosshammer, Alden A: The Chronicle of Eusebius and the Greek Chronographic Tradition, Cranbury (NJ), Associated University Presses, 1979.
46) But we do well to ask whether this interaction with secular history is intended to be purely chronographic, or whether there is some further purpose reflected in the choice of at least some of these dates and figures.
9) However, the credentials of the Parian Marble as a chronographic source have been scrutinised in recent years, and found less than universally reliable.
1) Ancient chronographic sources present us with a welter of confused and contradictory statements; for the most part, they associate him closely with Archilochus as a poet of the early seventh century, although one ambiguous testimonium may suggest a late sixth-century date.
During our archery clinics, we provide customers with opportunities to learn from visiting experts and professional equipment, ranging from state-of-the-art chronographic machinery (to measure arrow flight speeds) to world champion archers to factory reps.
Additionally, the film advance lever actually re-cocks the mechanical shutter after a digital image has been taken, and chronographic dials and needle indicators bring back memories of precision-made watches.
2006/3 has a chronographic function with vertical clutch to avoid any uncertainty in the start of measurement and, in contrast to the P.