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someone who writes chronicles

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Astor With Respect to the Sandwich Islands- Karakakooa.- Royal Monopoly of Pork.- Description of the Islanders-Gayeties on Shore.- Chronicler of the Island.
The fight within that room, had it had but a competent chronicler, would go down in the annals of Barsoom as a historic memorial to the grim ferocity of her warlike people.
One thing the Normans had brought was a liking for history, and soon there sprang up a whole race of chroniclers. They, like Bede, were monks and priests.
It is, you remember, from one of these chroniclers, Geoffrey of Monmout
The Norman came with sword in hand, bringing in his train the Latin-writing chroniclers. But he did not bring these alone.
But in the Crusades we already see an event occupying its definite place in history and without which we cannot imagine the modern history of Europe, though to the chroniclers of the Crusades that event appeared as merely due to the will of certain people.
("Aescendum" in the chroniclers), which broke the Danish power, and made England a Christian land.
It is the fate of all authors or chroniclers to create imaginary friends, and lose them in the course of art.
A contextual reading of this section suggests that the chronicler was motivated by a desire to represent Eleanor's punishment as imprisonment for life, rendered through her removal to a distant place.
By focusing on Saul's offenses, which elicit divine chastisement, and by analyzing how that divine punishment is carried out, I will demonstrate how each text underscores the relation of divine and human agency in each corpus as it pertains to Saul, and how human agency is transferred to the divine realm in the Chronicler's account.
Carr, who collapsed in the Times newsroom Thursday at the age of 58, was a venerated chronicler of the media industry as well as his own addictions, which he covered in his 2008 memoir The Night of the Gun.
Critique: A masterpiece of meticulous and detailed scholarship, "Studying Wisconsin: The Life of Increase Lapham, early chronicler of plants, rocks, rivers, mounds and all things Wisconsin" is an impressive and seminal biography that does full justice to the contributions made by Increase Lapham.
"For all his focus on David and his descendants and the everlasting promise made by God to David, the Chronicler nowhere explicitly advocates the reestablishment of the Davidic monarchy, let alone a rebellion against the Persian Empire.
But once she conjures up the likes of IBM's supercomputer named Watson and Sherlock Holmes's faithful chronicler of the same name, she doesn't tax them with anything more significant than counseling the lovelorn on commitment issues.
In his famously confessional style, Ginsberg--poet, counterculture icon, and chronicler of the Beat Generation--recounts the road trips, love affairs, and search for personal liberation that led to Howl, the most timeless work of his career.