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infection in the tissues adjacent to a nail on a finger or toe

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Chronic paronychia may be treated with an over-the-counter cream containing an antifungal drug but if there's a secondary infection your doctor may prescribe stronger antifungals and oral antibiotics.
Most people still believe that chronic paronychia is a candida infection.
Chronic paronychia is a common occupational problem among food workers, she said.
BACKGROUND Although Candida is often isolated from nails afflicted with chronic paronychia, the benefit of treating chronic paronychia with antifungal agents has never been proved.
Strict avoidance of irritants and scrupulous protection of the nails are the most important aspects of managing chronic paronychia, Dr.
The results suggest that chronic paronychia is not a type of onychomycosis, but rather a form of hand dermatitis.
Pathogenic factors proposed for some cases have included chronic paronychia, trauma, roentgenography, ultraviolet radiation, arsenic, and dyskeratosis congenita.
Contact irritants cause most cases of chronic paronychia or onycholysis, with yeast infection playing an exacerbating rather than a causative role, two small retrospective studies suggested.
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