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Synonyms for grief

Synonyms for grief

mental anguish or pain caused by loss or despair

Synonyms for grief

intense sorrow caused by loss of a loved one (especially by death)

something that causes great unhappiness


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As the roots of the Chronic Grief are systematically addressed and the turbulence i.
Hummell and Eastman (1991) referred to chronic sorrow as chronic grief.
Helen Featherstone wrote about chronic grief in A Difference In the Family.
We have been in awe of her mother Sara whose eloquence, despite her chronic grief, has spurred us to take Sarah to our hearts.
Adjustment therefore becomes a continuous life transition rather than a time-limited process (Stewart, Sokol, Healy & Chester, 1986; Taylor, 1983) where chronic grief is considered pathological (Wortman & Silver, 1989).
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