chronic glaucoma

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glaucoma caused by blockage of the canal of Schlemm

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This is called chronic glaucoma and it is the condition Bono suffers from.
The agreement represents a step towards the development of treatment of chronic glaucoma that began with earlier pre-clinical research conducted by a research team at Mayo Clinic.
Alpha-2 agonists tend to be used as a third or fourth choice treatment in chronic glaucoma because of the relatively high prevalence of allergic conjunctivitis, which often presents months or even years after starting (Figure 2).
Combined effect of brain-derived neurotrophic factor and LINGO-1 fusion protein on long-term survival of retinal ganglion cells in chronic glaucoma.
Chronic glaucoma affects two in 100 people over 40 and one in 10 people aged 70-years-old and over.
We do not necessarily believe, however, that a patient taking a medication for chronic glaucoma as well as chronic medication for toenail fungal infection would necessarily meet the criteria," Coster says.
His past medical history was unremarkable, except for pulmonary tuberculosis treated 55 years earlier and chronic glaucoma.
double dagger]) The histologic signs of chronic glaucoma were atrophy of the retinal ganglion cell layer and optic nerve atrophy.
Betty has chronic glaucoma, an eye condition which can - as in Betty's case - lead to blindness if untreated.
Blanton FM (20) concluded from his study that about 6-20% of individuals having angle recession may develop chronic glaucoma with optic nerve head damage.
People who are short sighted are more prone to chronic glaucoma.
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