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inflammation of a diverticulum in the digestive tract (especially the colon)

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Neither chronic diverticulitis nor a small stroke nor the indignities of advancing age deterred her.
There are various mechanisms by which Meckel's diverticulum can cause intestinal obstruction such as (a) Volvulus of small intestine around a fibrous band extending from Meckel's diverticulum to umbilicus (b) Intussusception--ileo-ileal and ileocolic type (c) Littre's hernia (d) Entrapment of small bowel beneath the blood supply of the diverticulum, also known as a meso diverticular band (e) Stricture secondary to chronic diverticulitis (f) Meckel's diverticulum lithiasis (g) Band extending between the diverticulum and the base of the mesentery, forming a loop in which a part of ileum may get stuck causing obstruction (h) Other rare mechanisms.
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