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inflammation of the vermiform appendix

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Histopathological Spectrum of Appendiceal Lesions Number Percentage Histopathological Diagnosis of Cases Reported of Cases Acute appendicitis 557 50.5% Acute suppurative appendicitis 149 13.5% Chronic appendicitis 225 20.4% Follicular appendicitis 71 6.4% Eosinophilic appendicitis 8 0.8% Obliterative appendicitis 8 0.8% Fibrosing appendicitis 33 3% Gangrenous appendicitis 5 0.5% Appendicular abscess 24 2.2% Perforated appendicitis 2 0.2% Appendicitis with worm infestation 7 0.7% Granulomatous lesion 1 0.1% Endometriosis 1 0.1% Carcinoid 2 0.2% Mucosal hyperplasia 2 0.2% Low grade appendiceal mucinous 3 0 2% neoplasm Mucinous adenocarcinoma 2 0.2% Total 1100 100% Table 2.
Agosto, "A rare case of chronic appendicitis superimposed on an incarcerated de Garengeot hernia prospectively identified on computed tomography," Case Reports in Surgery, vol.
The most common lesion that prevailed was acute appendicitis in 46 (30.66%) cases, followed by chronic appendicitis in 39 (29%) cases.
Histologic evaluation showed submucosal fat deposition in the distal portion of the appendix with an associated chronic inflammatory reaction, findings concordant with chronic appendicitis. There was no histologic evidence of endometriosis.
Over the next several decades, surgical indications for appendectomy became more clearly defined,[2,3] and the rejection of any recurrent or nonacute abdominal pain as real appendiceal disease became a common trend.[4,5] Today, skepticism still persists among many physicians concerning the legitimacy of the condition known as "chronic appendicitis." However, there have been several reports of recurrent abdominal illness relieved by appendectomy.
Her childhood was also marred by disease: like Proust, she suffered from asthma; unlike him, she experienced chronic appendicitis accompanied by bouts of excoriating pain.
Out of the 250 patients who underwent appendicectomy, 8% (n = 20) had normal histopathology, 24.8% (n = 62) showed histopathological features of acute appendicitis, 2.8% (n = 7) showed acute on chronic appendicitis, 60.8% (n = 152) showed chronic appendicitis and 3.6% (n = 9) showed unexpected findings (Table 1).
We herein report a rare case of an incarcerated DGH with superimposed chronic appendicitis prospectively characterized by computed tomography (CT).
Histopathological diagnosis include acute appendicitis 250 (52.0%), suppurative appendicitis 135 (28.0%) acute gangrenous appendicitis 60 (12.5%), perforated appendicitis 9 (2.0%), chronic appendicitis 12 (2.5%).
The existence of recurrent and chronic appendicitis is still doubted by many.
Actinomycosis must be considered in the differential diagnosis of intestinal tuberculosis, amoeboma, chronic appendicitis, regional enteritis and colon carcinoma.
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